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Is Kyle Police Chief, Camp County or Bust?

A Texas Public Information Act (TPIA) request was submitted to Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) for Jeffery B Barnett’s Personal Service Records (PSR). In review of it, there were many issues of concern.

One of the more important issues may be Barnett’s time with the Camp County. TCOLE has time listed, so a request for TPIA Information was sent to Camp County.

Camp County has no record of Barnett ever being a Constable (as he claims on resume, and to TCOLE) with them.

Interestingly enough, TCOLE had no C-1 document on file. This document is used to create a Personal Identification Number (PID) and should be created with ones first need of education (such as taking a Peace Officer course).

TCOLE did have an affidavit to them from a “Constable Whit Barnett,” in March of 1992. TCOLE was unable to validate an individual by that name to ever be employed with any agency.

An obituary did provide for a Thomas Whitley Barnett and it claimed 22 years in law enforcement. It also has Jeff Barnett listed as a pallbearer. In doing rough calculations, this means (should this be the Whit) that he was roughly 68 years old at the time he was named on the affidavit.

Other TPIA records from the City of Mount Pleasant show Barnett to have Whit Barnett as his supervisor and the reference for Camp County to be the person that notarized the affidavit.

Jeff Barnett was asked if he’d like to comment, and no comment was received.

The City of Kyle has a complaint with more specific information on the matter, they have yet to respond.

So, is Jeff Barnett, Camp County or Bust? If it’s a bust there are Texas Penal Codes to consider 37.10, and 39.02; at a minimum.

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