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Is There a Cover-Up in the City of Kyle?

We have been requesting records from the City of Kyle for quiet some time. We seem to keep finding issues with records, related to the City of Kyle Police Department. Now we wonder how the Police Department even investigates their cases. Do they enter the case complaint within a day or two of receiving it? Or do they do things off the record, until they have something?

How can someone stalk another person, by harassment in two similar episodes without being charged for the first episode? It may be possible, but if one is a Police Chief, shouldn’t that person have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to resolve matters, so it doesn’t raise to a second episode? For instance, shouldn’t a Police Chief advise a citizen how to make a complaint on the Police Chief? Or just deny everything and claim stalking?

Since there are some crimes which allow someone to use a pseudonym we question when “stalking,” was ever entered into the City of Kyle Police Department system. Was it on the initial case report in 2018? How would that be possible? Was it an attempt to cover up a Police Chiefs misuse of office?

We will wait to see what the City of Kyle provides us, but they will have to provide what we are requesting, with valid government proof, regardless of what they do with this Open Records request:

City of Kyle TPIA Portal

Since there would have to be one count of harassment, we are making the name officially known as Jeffrey B Barnett to be the one which claimed we harassed him, and somehow it grew into a stalking allegation where he could protect his name from public view.

By the way, read his position description to see how this is Abuse of Official Capacity, or review our complaint about it below:

Please note, such actions occurred in Hays County and Bexar County; so, technically, either District Attorney is allowed to file charges on the matter. We have provided this to the Hays County Criminal District Attorney, with other associated pieces of information.

What are your thoughts? Also, our previous neighbor from Princeton, Texas may also want to tell you what he was doing after he moved in across the street from us. Yes, Jeffrey Barnett was our previous neighbor before he lost his job from the City of Princeton and covered it up to gain employment with the City of Kyle.