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Is There Cryptic Employment of the City of Kyle Police Chief? (UPDATE TO PART OF THE FINDINGS)

There has been a referral made to the Texas State Auditors Office related to Northeast Texas Community College and the problems the program had to obtain applicants for the Basic Peace Officer Course Program. What you see below is the transcript of Jeffrey B. Barnett (current City of Kyle Police Chief). You also see a date of April, 2009 (this date will become important in other screenshots). You see a certification issued on the transcript for BPOC, but you do not see a Basic Jailer Certification listed on the transcript. You also see the name to be different than the transcript name on the BPOC certification. Also, how did he take a jailer course for 40 hours in a week of full academic coursework and peace officer training? TCOLE has also provided information that they do not have any information related to his proper approval before entrance into the BPOC. They do not have a PID form (which creates the TCOLE account, and would be established before BPOC). They did have one document which is explained below.

The one document TCOLE did have was a notarized affidavit referencing a Constable Whit Barnett. In review of all information, it is concluded TCOLE never had a Thomas W. “Whit” Barnett with an active license for Camp County Constables, at any time. We have a final confirmation of such; however, the current elected Sheriff of Camp County (also Barnett’s reference) claims there to be an election where Whit Barnett was elected to be Constable. We will present the “election documents,” received from the Sheriff, which looks to be missing key information and improper for the purpose to conclude there was a Whitt Barnett as constable. We have requested open records from the Elections Commission. This leads into the time with the Camp County Sheriff. Barnett has claimed time with Camp County Constables before being a Sheriff; however, the County possess no record of such verification, yet TCOLE has a licensure date listed on Barnett’s Personal Service Record (PSR). The next item will explain other employment issues of Barnett.

Here is the resume used to be hired by the City of Kyle and passed through the hiring committee. You will see many areas highlighted and they are very important. First, Barnett claimed employment with the City of Princeton when he applied to the City of Kyle; however, he was not employment. He already agreed to termination in employment. He had to turn in all city equipment and could not have any logical law enforcement powers (TCOLE should of had an end date of employment as 1/27/2011). The next highlight shows “interim Chief of Police,” this is a matter which is unverified by the City of Mount Pleasant. They have no record of Barnett ever being a Interim Police Chief, this would also be something required to be documented in city meeting minutes, yet, Barnett provided letters from other agencies to the City of Princeton, which do not list his name to represent he was an “interim Police Chief.” The following highlight represents a duty location. A Federal Officer would not list the training station for duty station. There is a picture representing four reasons for leaving the FBI less than a year and there is an explanation as to why Mount Pleasant never reviewed his FBI time (they have a clause to take people back with less than a year break in service, he completed his break less than a year, as indicated in personnel actions. Also, why does Barnett not have a personnel action for interim chief?). As you see, the next item is related to his tenure at NTCC as an instructor, yet the school can only verify 2008-2009 and the transcript in the file is from 2009. Why would the transcript be after his start date? There was no bachelors degree in the file, did he need to switch the classes because they were not the BPOC classes? Again, you see the confirmation from Camp County, Barnett was never a Constable, he may have road around with the Constables, but he was never employed as one, per open records. Did he use his situation to obtain a BPOC?

Licensure dates represented within the TCOLE PSR. How is the date 5/2011 for Princeton when there is a separation agreement? Did the Interim Police Chief cover up the separation and help him get passed through the hiring committee? How is there a date for Camp County Constables if the County has no official government records of it?

Here is the separation agreement with two F-5’s (TCOLE separation of law enforcement power documents). One is dated appropriately, the other is not. One is manually done, the other is not. Did the interim police chief cover up for Barnett so he could secure employment with the City of Kyle?

Yes, James Waters was the “Interim Police Chief,” as designated in City Meeting Minutes, and Personnel Action Forms. If he was the interim police chief, then why did Barnett list him as the detective on his application, which would of been seen by the hiring committee? Why does it say he is still actively employed? Why does it say he was not under investigation? The date of application is 3/2011. Why would Waters be the “co-worker,” and not the subordinate?

This leads into multiple reasons for leaving the FBI. This all says different reasons for leaving. One is to pursue a police chief track, another is to be in Texas, a third is for children and family, and a fourth was to accept a job offer. If he was stationed in Fort Smith, why does he reference the Area Headquarters of Little Rock, and not his duty station?

Here is another display of two publicly displayed government websites claiming experience and employment with departments which cannot be verified. There is no reason to maintain commissions for EMS/Firefighters, so the need to be associated with a department is immaterial. There is also open records where he claimed to be with Princeton Fire Department, also no record from the city. He also does not have approval to work outside jobs, as required by Code of Ethics Ordinance. It seems this may be an attempt to bolster a career.

Here is a request for government records and the city does not have them. We have requested other agencies files, to include high school transcripts and have received them. So why does the city not have his?

Here is the Police Chief misusing his position of authority to conduct an investigation where he claims to be the victim, and controls his officers to procure an arrest warrant from a Justice of the Peace. In order to hide the matter, he uses a pseudo name. When asked who John Smith is the city never responds.

UPDATE: there is meeting minutes with Jeff Barnett being INTERIM CHIEF of Mount Pleasant, BUT the CITY does not have it documented properly in the PERSONNEL FILE, AS REQUIRED BY LAW. We are still waiting for the actual appointment, through proper process and documentation.

It seems TCOLE has some kind of record of arrest: