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Is this Abuse of Official Capacity by a Police Chief?

A Police Chief claimed to be a victim of a crime. He filed a report with his own office. His own officers investigated. They filed a complaint with a notary of a Justice of the Peace. The Justice of the Peace issued a warrant. It’s believed the employee was ordered to file the complaint and do so outside the City of Kyle.

Above is the summary of events, not the specific details; but, is this Abuse of Official Capacity by a Police Chief?

Here is a job description:

City of Kyle Open Records

Here is the statue:

Here is part of the complaint confirming a city employment acting on behalf of his supervisor, the Police Chief:

Open Records, TCOLE and Justice of the Peace for Hays County

We are not sure how there is no “control,” and how there is no “virtue,” we also are not sure how this would not be “knowingly or intentionally,” conducted for a “benefit, to harm, or to defraud,” so we are asking, what valid reason would there be?

Is this Abuse of Official Capacity? If so, what should happen?