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Kyle City Council Travels All Over the United States on Taxpayers Money

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Kyle City Council Travels All Over the United States on Taxpayers Money

We requested two years of travel itineraries for the City Council elected to make decisions for the City of Kyle, Texas. This all comes after the City of Kyle listed credit card transaction made by the City Council and documented by the Director of Finance, Perez A. Moheet, CPA.

The credit card report indicated the following amounts of spending for 2020-2022, per member of the city council:

Prior Councilman Koch is current City Manager’s Employee for his Private Consulting Business

An ethics opinion has provided insight to a consulting business owned and operated by J. Scott Sellers. It appears the business was formed and based off the City of Kyle’s Uber $3.14 rideshare program.

Sellers hired Koch as an independent contractor to contact various municipalities across the State of Texas.

City of Kyle, City Council Travel History for the years 2020 through 2021

The City Council traveled to:

  • Indiana:
    • to tour the Monon Trail Greenway and Midtown Square.
  • Washington DC:
    • to meet with Sen. Cornyn’s Office, Sen. Cruz’s Office, Rep. Chip Roy, and Rep. Lloyd Doggett.
    • to have a virtual meeting with the Census Bureau
    • to meet with the Department of Commerce Chief of Staff
    • to meet with EPA
    • to meet virtually with TDEM
  • Peachtree City, Georgia
    • to go on a golf cart tour to Glenlock, MOBA, and PAC
  • Galveston, Texas
    • to go on a fishing excursion
  • Fredericksburg, Texas
    • for a retreat with all council members, the city attorney, the city secretary, the assistant (now acting) city manager, the recently departed assistant city manager, and the city manager.
  • Collier County Sheriff’s Office, Florida
    • the itinerary does not mention much, but it appears dinner was attended at Ruth Chris Steakhouse. Other than meeting with Collier County and Lee County Sheriff’s Office, nothing else is provided.
  • Indianapolis, Indiana (second trip)
    • for a two hour bike tour of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail,
    • to walk the Monon Trail,
    • for a tour of Grand Park,
    • to meet with a redevelopment commission,
    • to tour midtown square and monon trail greenway,
    • to meet with the City of Carmel Planning Director and Parks Director

Credit Card Usage Reveals Other Travel Locations

A review of Dex Ellison’s credit card usage has shown travel to

  • San Diego, California (2022)
  • Washington DC (2022)
  • Frisco, Texas (2022)
  • Houston, Texas (2021)
  • San Francisco, California (2019)

All Travel Appears Work Related, on the Surface

All the travel taken appears to have a work related reason associated with it, but is it a need for the City of Kyle? This is something for the residents of the City to determine for themselves.

It appears the City Council is focuses heavily on the trail system in the City, but some of the travel does appear repetitive or unneeded when considering alternative delivery methods of communication.

Are there alternative motives to the travel throughout the United States? What happens when the City Council member is no longer the elected official for the City and the reason for travel becomes immaterial to the purpose is was officially desired?

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