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Kyle City Manager Placed on Leave Pending Outcome of Complaint

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Kyle City Manager Placed on Leave Pending Outcome of Complaint

On July 23, 2022, the City of Kyle legislative body voted 6-0 to place J. Scott Sellers, City Manager, on leave, pending the outcome of an internal complaint.

In placing Sellers on leave, Jerry Hendrix was officially appointed as the Acting City Manager for the City of Kyle.

The information surrounding the complaint is not publicly known.

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Mandamus Filed on the Kyle City Manager Non-Suited

However, on July 19, 2022, a lawsuit filed on the City Manager was non-suited by the filer. The suit claimed the City Manager, Sellers, did not perform his duty in accordance with his laws and policies.

Due to external developments, the lawsuit was requested to be non-suited so another remedy could be pursued.

Kyle City Manager Named in Federal Lawsuit

On July 11, 2022, the City Manager was named in a new Federal Complaint related to his inactions in his role. The lawsuit is pending the City of Kyle to either waive service or to be served.

Unlike prior attempts to redress concerns with the City of Kyle, this lawsuit was paid for; thus removing the element of judicial decision to allow service of a lawsuit or to deny such service of suit.

Now, the City of Kyle will have to answer concerns related to the City Manager in Federal Court and will have to explain the City Managers answers he filed in the State Court filing.

The summary of the lawsuit is the City Manager did not perform his duty to prevent harm of a citizen which ultimately violated the citizens US Constitutional Rights.

It seems rather concerning when an internal complaint also surfaces.

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Or you may find the Ethics Commissions decision to recommend the City of Kyle reevaluate an employment decision of the City Manager of the City of Kyle, of interest.

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