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Kyle City Manager J. Scott Sellers Resigns From City of Kyle After Internal Investigation

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Kyle City Manager J. Scott Sellers Resigns After Internal Investigation

On September 6, 2022, it has been circulating that J. Scott Sellers has elected to resign in conclusion of an internal investigation. The investigation claimed there was “no illegal harassment or discrimination.”

Kyle City Manager J. Scott Sellers Resigns After Internal Investigation
Photo from Kyle City Council Meeting, J. Scott Sellers

Executive Session Tenders Separation Agreement Talk for J. Scott Sellers

After midnight from the City Council meeting which started on September 6, 2022, the City Council elected to issues a separation agreement with J. Scott Sellers.

These agreements happen for many reasons and can lead to a government body presenting various agreed upon determinations for ones departure.

It should be noted, J. Scott Sellers was recently named and is still named in a Federal Lawsuit alleging wrong doing. Prior to this lawsuit he was named in a mandamus proceeding which was “non-suited,” in interest to file the case in Federal Court.

The Federal lawsuit is something the City of Kyle has yet to publicly provide notice for in any of their City Council meeting agendas since it was filed and served on them.

City of Kyle City Council Meeting, 9/6/2022, courtesy of the City of Kyle meeting feed

The City of Kyle Tends to Find Very Little Wrong Doing with Senior Leaders

It should also be noted that Jesse Espinoza, a prior Sergeant and past Union President for the Kyle Police Department made complaint on a senior executive in the past.

The investigation seemed to shift focus from what he complained about, to him being the focus of the investigation. He was separated and filed a few lawsuits. On the same night the City Council decided to work a separation agreement with Sellers, it also agreed on a settlement offer for Espinoza on two lawsuits he had filed since 2018.

Espinoza was represented by Debra Edmondson (Bar Card Number: 24045824)of The Edmondson Law Firm, P.L.L.C.

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