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Kyle City Manager Responds to Lawsuit

On November 10, 2021, with the deadline to file a response to the Petition of Mandamus filed and served on him, J. Scott Sellers, the City Manager of the City of Kyle, files a response.

The response was by Audrey ‘Audi’ Elizabeth Guthrie, a May 2012 graduate from the University of Maine, and employed by The Knight Law Firm, LLC.

In the response, the City Manager lists five items of concern:

  1. Unserved Federal Lawsuits —> MOOT
  2. Lack of Jurisdiction
    1. No Injury Listed —> arrested, job loss
    2. No Ministerial Act Listed —> shall
    3. Mr. Sellers has Immunity —> not immune to ignore minstrel acts

The filing goes on to suggest the petitioner should amend his complaint and refile it. The City Manager also claims the case should be dismissed.

A response to the concerns of the City Manager has been filed and once accepted by the Court will be published for review of public concern. All we can suggest at this point, is the counter argument will alleviate the concerns addressed in the City Managers filing.

At this point, at least the City Manager provided an answer. In our opinion, it is not a good one, and we will explain once the filing submitted to rebut the concerns of the City Manager is released.