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Kyle Police Chief Files Stalking Charge for Journalism/Blogging

Jeffrey B Barnett filed a third degree felony, stalking charge with the Hays County Justice of the Peace for Precinct 2. Bond was set at $20,000 and the defendant bonded out on Saturday.

Barnett claims some element of the stalking law, which consist of the following:

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We are unsure which element he claims to be a violation, as we do not have the report; but we do know Barnett has been a part of individuals spreading defamation/libel/slander about the defendant since Barnett moved next door to him in Princeton, Texas in 2009.

Such conduct has continued to present day and spread to Cameron, Hildalgo, Bexar, and Hays Counties.

Now the District Attorney will have to review the evidence submitted by Barnett and the complaints and evidence submitted to them on Barnett and decide who and what goes to a grand jury.

More to come as we learn more.