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Kyle Police Chief is NOT a Firefighter/Paramedic?

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City of Kyle Open Records Request for employment with a separate Political Subdivision than the City of Kyle. The Kyle Fire Department is NOT apart of the City Government, it is its own INDEPENDENT Political Subdivision

When one reviews the city webpage of Jeffrey B Barnett’s biography they might be impressed, but is it all true? The Texas Public Information Act (TPIA) say it’s not, and there is a lot of misconception.

If one goes to the Texas Commission on Fire Protection they will see that Jeffery Blake Barnett is publicly displayed on the government website, as a firefighter with the political subdivision (separate from the City of Kyle) of the Kyle Fire Department since 8/28/2012.

If that isn’t enough to question what Barnett is doing, there is more. The Texas Department of Health and Human Services, also has his name publicly displayed as a Paramedic with the Hays County ESD 5.

Because of these findings, information was requested from Kyle Fire Department and Hays County ESD 5 (a joint agency) and they were unable to provide documentation showing that Barnett was employed with them, in any way.

The City of Kyle was contacted and they confirmed that Barnett does not have approval to work outside the City of Kyle for any other employer.

So why does Barnett have this false information posted? Doesn’t he know it’s a crime? Texas Penal Code 37.10 is very clear on what “Tampering with Government Records,” consist of, and there are a few violations within that statue, with just these two items.

Barnett was asked if he’d like to make a statement, he hasn’t responded.

A complaint was filed with the City of Kyle, they have yet to respond.

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