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Kyle Police Chief is Trying to Keep His Certified Court History Sealed

Jeffrey B Barnett, the Police Chief of Kyle, Texas and previously of Princeton, Texas; who made national attention for his Federal Lawsuit, is attempting to keep his “certified court history,” sealed from the public.

Barnett is the top level of his Police organization and we feel the level of privacy greatly diminishes as one advances his/her career. As one advances the public has a higher level of, “need to know,” for inherent trust in duties. Barnett is the decision maker for the organization; at this level, more about ones history is transparent.

The Texas Public Information Act (TPIA) is already a very transparent platform to ensure government integrity, when records are properly released.

Here is the request sent to the Texas Office of the Attorney General (OAG), by the Attorney representing the City of Kyle, Texas:

TPIA request to the City of Kyle

Here is why this was even requested:

TPIA request to the City of Kyle
“no records exist”

Here is what was received from a TPIA to TCOLE:

TPIA record received from TCOLE

Here is an audit form from the TCOLE, showing a box for “certified copy of court disposition:”

TPIA record, received from City of Rowlett (partial display)

Here is the PSR with a State ID or SID, and multiple false dates on the PSR:

TPIA Records (showing a “State ID,” or abbreviated to “SID”)

So where is the history? Why doesn’t the City have it? How is this all connected to the City of Rowlett?

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