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Kyle Police Chief was Interim Mount Pleasant Chief? Not per Open Records.

In review of a few cities Texas Public Information Act (TPIA) records, it was identified, Jeffery B Barnett may not have been honest in his quest to gain government employment, with anyone. Multiple issues have been found in his employment records, which were received through the legal process of the TPIA.

The City of Mount Pleasant has no record of Barnett being a Commander or Interim Police Chief, contradicting his statement in Public Federal Lawsuit.

He also cited multiple reasons for leaving the FBI over the years. One of which, was also stated in such lawsuit. In the lawsuit, he said he needed to be back in Texas and Fort Smith, Arkansas was to far away from Texas.

In his Princeton application, he stated he needed to be near children and family.

In his Kyle application, he accepted a job from Mount Pleasant.

To a news reporter, he cited his interest in continuing the police chief track.

Mount Pleasant never did a new investigation on Barnett when he returned from the FBI. They could not validate if he was fingerprinted after his 180 day break of TCOLE licensure. They cited a policy that allows people to return with less than a year of separation from the city and the person returning does not need to be reinvestigated. Barnett’s personnel actions (human resource documents) prove he was gone less than a year, but started after a year. Why?

Even more concerning, may be Barnett taking a separation agreement in January of 2011 with the City of Princeton. The document clearly states he is no longer an employee with the City, unable to apply back with the City, and must turn in all City property (of any kind) in January 2011.

The concerning part? The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) still listed his license as active until 5/2011, yet he had no police powers. Who’s responsibility was it to notify TCOLE? Why wasn’t it done? Or was it changed? And why? Why did Barnett still claim to be the Princeton Police Chief during the hiring process with Kyle and on his application to them? How was Barnett able to use the TCOLE 5/2011 date to acquire a position with the City of Kyle?

Making matters worse, he mislead the City of Kyle Hiring Committee, which may have had a different response had Barnett been truthful in the hiring process. He is also missing a required record. Peace Officers are required to have a high school transcript on file, yet Barnett does not have one. Why not?

It looks like multiple Texas Penal Codes have been violated, if this is all true. How could it not be true? It’s all received through TPIA.

In review of such convoluted history, it may be apparent, the South Carolina High School transfer has a lot of discrepancies.

Be sure to read the article “Is Kyle Police Chief, Camp County or Bust,” to find out more about Barnett’s checkered employment history.

UPDATE: there is a meeting minute showing Jeff Barnett as Interim Police Chief; HOWEVER, the government is REQUIRED to have the information in their employment records. IT IS A REQUIRED PERSONNEL DOCUMENT TO POSSES:

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