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Missing FOIA Records?

A request for information was made to the Veterans Affairs South Texas Health Care System (VASTXHCS). In the request, records sought were the first Federal resume, first SF-50, resume used to apply to the Security Officer position at VASTXHCS, job announcement, and current SF-50.

The request was missing the first Federal resume. All jobs require resume to apply. All personnel records are stored within the employees electronic official personnel file (eOPF).

The first SF-50 was received and is provided here:

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In review of the first SF-50, it appears that Wallace was in the military for three years. What one is unsure about is whether Wallace has a Veterans Benefit Administration (VBA) disability rating (which are also public records) and was not searched. Typically, one has a term of four or more years of service. Some tend to be shorter based upon various reasons. So what was the reason here?

A concern is that the VA does not have his first Federal resume on file. Why wouldn’t they? Is it being intentionally withheld? If it’s intentionally being withheld then it could be a potential criminal matter. How would the VA not have this document? Request for information has been made.

The SF-50 shows that one did not have any law enforcement experience before applying to his first VA Police Officer job.

His current resume is reflected here:

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The Hawk’s Eye - Consulting & News

In review of the resume, it’s noted that a lot of it is typed in all capital letter, there is a jailer certificate program completed, and there is an “ * “ placed by an “F” and an “M,” in AF&AM. It’s also noted that the first law enforcement academy indicated was in 1998.

There has been a conversation by Wallace stating he hasn’t paid membership dues to the Nebraska AF&AM in quiet a long time, one is unsure if they have been paid up.

So where is the first federal resume? Is it legitimately missing? Or is it intentionally missing? Once comment is received the story will be updated.