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NEW MOVEMENT – Pre-Trial Hearing Scheduled – Cameron County Court at Law 5 – 19-CCR-01643

We have received confirmed the Judge of Cameron County Court at Law 5 has finally been able to see our filings.

Per our Habeas Corpus application, made to the 13th Court of Appeals, we have been provided a “Notice of Pre-Trial Hearing,” for this week:

We have also noticed, quiet a few updates on the Cameron County Public Portal for the cause:

Being able to have a hearing, is a big step. We hope the District Attorney’s Office sees where Justice really is present. We hope they have reviewed their evidence file, the files submitted by us, and the orders which claimed to be in existence, but are not.

The District Attorney’s Office does have a solid case for Justice, we aren’t the one that should be on trial. Let’s hope they finally see it like such, too.