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NOTICE: The Cameron County Government was Given a Notice of Intent to a File Civil Rights Violation Law Suit

On June 26, 2020 the Cameron County Government was provided a letter which provides information protected by the 1st Amendment, which allows a citizen to petition the government to redress grievance. Below is the letter and other supporting evidence.

In a civil litigation matter, the burden is the preponderance of the evidence, or “more likely than not.”

The proof of admittance to false facts is articulated below:

The matter has also been referred to the United States Air Force – Office of Special Investigations, due to connection to actions on Lackland A.F.B, in Bexar County, Texas:

We are not sure why we haven’t heard from the County and even elevated the matter to the County Judge. After a period of 30 days we have sent it back to the District Attorney’s Office for consideration. We want to make sure we attempt to work with everyone before we officially file. This has been a good faith effort.

NOTE: This individual started off in the Federal Government, law enforcement field as a GS-4. This means he had NO LAW ENFORCEMENT knowledge BEFOFE the VA. Also, he has claimed 3 years of military service in the Marines, but we are unsure if he has a disability rating or EVER used the VHA for military related healthcare. The VBA matter is an anomaly because he has been employed by the VA for years. Is his military time properly documented? His law enforcement experience IS EXTREMELY LIMITED.

UPDATE: A Complaint has been submitted to the Department of Justice related to this Civil Rights Violation matter:

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