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OPINION: There is ONLY One Way a False Case Filed by the Kyle Police Chief Can be PROPERLY Resolved

This all began when Jeffrey Blake Barnett, Jeff Barnett, JB Barnett, or what ever other name he wants to use, moved into Park Trails in Princeton, Texas.

The move was unusual because he didn’t rent the model home he moved into. He seemed to have acquired it with his own decision.

As soon as he moved in, the City of Princeton had National Night Out (NNO) next to his house. It was almost like a house party on the governments dime.

It can be remembers as if it just happened. One of the neighbors came over to inform me (this blogger) that Jeffrey, my new Park Trails neighbor was closing down the block for NNO.

There is much more to explain before and after this moment, but during Barnett’s time as my neighbor he would go around talking about how he use to be an FBI Agent.

He’d have all the neighbors stop by his house and ask why I hadn’t been arrested yet.

Fast forward to present day (to eliminate all the specific details which will make for a good book or movie), Barnett had to cover his tracks and recant his lies.

Specifically, he had to open an investigation with a false name, John Smith. Initially, it appears he wanted me to stalk a random man of opposite skin tone. When that didn’t work, because I began asking the City of Kyle to do it’s legally obligated job, he started crying wolf.

He claimed I couldn’t look at his public government records or talk about his public life. It’s almost as if he is in denial of what he did.

So, he paraded around with a false case in a false name and the name ended up surfacing to be him. Now a cause is filed in Hays County Court at Law 1. This happened because he tells people not to read what I send to them. In this case, the Travis County Attorney’s decided not to read my proof that the case was false and decided to file anyway, but they couldn’t get a felony filed.

They couldn’t get the felony because I filed two Habeas Corpus proceedings and Wes Mau wrote a recusal motion identifying the warrant I was arrested on was bad and it wasn’t stalking. This is clearly indicated when the court record of this motion mentions Jeffrey by name and not the phony name he claimed. The court records would have to identify the pseudonym if it actually applies.

In this case, it doesn’t apply, no matter how much Barnett wants it too. He wants it to apply to cover up all the lies he told people in Collin County.

In summary, as I will explain in a more detailed publishing, the ONLY proper way for this matter to resolve is Barnett being charged for his false case and attempted cover up.

Don’t believe me? Well, when someone does a proper review that he/she/them can actually defend in ANY COURT, let’s see which way it can be affirmed.

Until then, don’t fall for his manipulative tricks. They are played out and boring.