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OPINION: What if TCOLE did Background Investigations for the Top of the Agency Appointment?

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We wonder how many backgrounds would the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) need to be responsible for, in addition to their own staff? So, we took a look at some posted data from the TCOLE website.

Here is what they have displayed:

If, TCOLE were to conduct background investigations on the top executive on any agency, they would only be responsible for 2,740 positions to keep a constant review of background requirements,

There are 116,884 licensed individuals, per the data displayed. Conducting 2,740 of background investigations (as needed) , represents only 02.3% of all background investigations required by TCOLE.

The leadership level background investigations are also the most complex and influential. The backgrounds wouldn’t need to be done every year, but there would be a cycle for elected officials. If someone is re-elected, they may not need a new review, under current law.

Everything in a law enforcement agency is affected by the top down. If the top is not willing to perform the duties of the role, then how can the employees be held accountable?

This would mean, TCOLE would take responsibility of law enforcement, for the State of Texas, as they would set the tone of expectation and acceptance.

We heard about bad separation papers; well, that might almost be eliminated with proper investigations of top officials.

We hear of policing problems by officers, another measure of performance of the senior executive of the law enforcement agency.

If the highest level of leadership in an agency meets the standard of investigation then how or why would such person allow a subpar review of a hire below him/her? He/she wouldn’t.

Granted, things may get a little more complex when we factor in the major agencies, but that is a point of development to assist in structural integrity.

So, what are your thoughts? We have shared our high level view.

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