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Palm Valley Police Chief is Getting Ready to go to Trial

People may remember when Palm Valley Police Chief Alvaro Garcia was arrested for suspected records tampering in November of 2018. His mugshot was posted by numerous mainstream news outlets. He is still employed and working for the Palm Valley Police Department.

The cause of action was said to be a multi-agency investigation, lead by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) and supported by the FBI Border Corruption Taskforce, the Texas Rangers and the Cameron County District Attorney’s Office; resulted in three counts of tampering with government records. The records tampered with, were said to have been used to defraud the Texas Municipal Police Association.

The indictment was handed down on November 28, 2018. Since that time, the court process has extended over three years. A check on the Cameron County Public Access Portal seems to indicate an anticipated trial date of January 24, 2022.

We do not know if the trial will be reset or if a plea will occur.

It is interesting how TCOLE will enforce certain matters and turn a blind eye to other matters. One matter we reference is related to people outside of the Rio Grande Valley whom claim to be peace officers, but never took a proper school, as required by Texas Legislation. Many of them are still policing today, or receiving retirement checks because of their ability to skate through the system.

It makes us wonder where these enforcement and investigations actions come from, and why isn’t TCOLE taking their licensing program more serious?

Where is TCOLE on this point of defrauding people? Why won’t they take action? It is clearly obvious to have occurred.

Much of what we present is different roots which will entangle one another. The hope is the readers will read, retain, and watch the bigger picture show itself.