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Improperly Certified Peace Officer in Rowlett? Or Police Academy in Royse City?

Who knew that there was a police academy in Royse City, Texas? Per Texas Public Information Act (TPIA) received from the City of Rowlett on Steven J Ferrie, Peace Officer, one must of existed.

Rowlett provided certifications for Ferrie. Their city records show that Ferrie attended a Basic Reserve Officer Course (BROC) with the City of Royse City in the early 1990s. It shows he took a basic and intermittent course. Records showed that he took a advanced program at Collin County Community College (currently known as Collin College), in McKinney, Texas.

In review of such findings, the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE), was contacted. They provided TPIA showing that the City of Royse City never was approved to provide the BROC. Their records also showed that Ferrie took a telecommunications operator course in Tarrant County before enrolling in the City of Royce City BROC.

Enrolling in a program before BROC is important because TCOLE needs to establish a Personal Identification Number (PID), which is a tracking number for all people that are documenting education in the TCOLE system. It’s hard to say if a PID would of been created when taking the BROC, had the telecommunications operator course not have occurred, but TCOLE is required to maintain all contracts for training.

Because of what was found with Rowlett and TCOLE, the City of Royse City was contacted and they confirmed that there are no transcripts on file for Ferrie’s training in their “academy.” The transcripts would be required to maintain documents for approved academies. So, if Royse City doesn’t have the transcripts, and TCOLE doesn’t have a contract, how did this happen? And how is he still employed by the city?

A complaint was submitted to the Rowlett City Counsel and a reply from them has not been provided.

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