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Pre-Trial Reset and No Trial Scheduled in False Claims by a Hays County Police Chief

Over the weekend, the court informed all parties in Hays County Court at Law 1, Cause 21-2259CR-1, The State of Texas v. John David Ferrara, the hearing scheduled on September 13, 2021, was to be reset to September 20, 2021.

The date reset was the date scheduled for Bench Trial. Now the date of the new trial will need to be established.

Of further interest may be the Travis County Attorney’s Office (Pro Tem for the Hays County District Attorney’s Office), has a brief response due in the Third Court of Appeals, under Cause 03-21-00278-CR, Ex Parte John D Ferrara.

The brief (if submitted) would argue against the claims made by the appellant. The appellant argued there is no evidence, there is excessive bail, and the State of Texas created an unnecessary delay.

There is a request into the Hays County Clerks Office to obtain the order which amended the new information, requested by the Pro Tem, to publicly display Jeffrey Blake Barnett, City of Kyle Police Chief, as the victim in the cause. The initial recusal motion by the Hays County District Attorney’s Office already stated Chief Barnett’s name. Hiding the name may have been an attempt to hide a matter considered to be Abuse of Official Capacity by Chief Barnett.

The initial recusal order mandated the Pro Tem to review any chargeable actions on the current defendant, the City of Kyle’s investigation, and/or the unfiled Justice of the Peace warrant.

We do know, the defendant won’t accept any deals offered by the Pro Tem. They must argue their case in court or consider other options, but the defendant (this blogger) has already turned down offers by the State to plead this case.

Of special note, one may see there was never an offense report created, but at least one supplemental statement, requesting a pseudonym on October 1, 2018, the date the case was opened by the Kyle Police Department.

Then a recusal lists Chief Barnett and shows he used his own office to investigate the Defendant.

And recently, the Pro Tem requested the name be publicly displayed (although it was already recused without a pseudonym).