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Prior Harlingen Area and Current San Antonio Area Police Chief yet to Waive Service on Civil Rights Lawsuit

On May 5, 2021, all other parties to Ferrara v Wallace have waived service to the lawsuit filed based upon Terry Jay Wallace Seniors false report.

The only waiver remaining it Terry Wallace’s. Terry who goes by Jay Wallace, or TJ Wallace has yet to formally acknowledge the lawsuit, but still remains on the San Antonio Veterans Affairs payroll after violating the laws of his office.

In fact, he took a promotion from the Harlingen VA to the San Antonio VA; essentially, being promoted for his criminal conduct.

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Photo courtesy of Terry Jay Wallace Seniors Public Facebook Page

In summary, the civil lawsuit is about a Police Chief that has no real law enforcement experience doing things that no average law enforcement officer would do.

Basically, this Police Chief has job knowledge, education, and experience that is far below the standards of any average law enforcement officer, but he uses friendships to manipulate people to help him.

In doing so, after spreading slander and defamation for years, he filed a false report to cover up his actions. Now all the people he is involved with are wondering why he was lying.

We could tell you why this three year Marine with no disability rating (and as far as we know, has never used the VA Healthcare System) was lying, but maybe people should wake up and come to the realization he is a person that lacks candor.

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