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Pro Tem FINALLY Files a False Case for Kyle Police Chief

The Travis County Pro Tem for Jeffrey Blake Barnett (Police Chief of Kyle Texas) finally files on bogus charges .

This happened because this blogger filed an appeal on Habeas corpus for why the case wasn’t dismissed or filed in almost 14 months.

The judge never signed any orders in the Habeas hearing and an appeal was filed.

You will see the offense date of April 2021 changed to June 28, 2019. What you won’t know is there are no messages to Barnett between 1/2019 and 10/2019.

So, what did this Pro Tem file on? Fabricated information? The whole case is fabricated and we are delighted for the file. We look forward to seeing Barnett testify on the stand about his lies.

So, it’s not “stalking?” And a name isn’t protected? So, main stream media was lied too? Why? Because of the slander by Barnett about his Princeton, Texas neighbor?