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Random Thoughts – What Kind of Work Should I Do – Why the Change from Law Enforcement – Rowlett/Princeton/Harlingen Police Departments (How it is all connected)

Early in adult life, I really thought I had a plan. I felt I knew what I wanted to do. I started out by enlisting in the United States Air Force as a Security Forces member. I was (and still am) very proud to have served my country and served in that function. I wanted to work in Law Enforcement. It was my dream, but not because of power, or appeal; but, because of the ability to help people.

Yes, I really wanted to help people, and the military was a way to start a law enforcement career before the state mandated age. In any case, I was very fortunate for my first duty assignment. It was a special duty assignment, I picked it after I got orders to Montana. I was able to be one of the first group of Security Forces members to join the revitalization of the 820th Security Forces Group and most of my classmates from my law enforcement academy, joined me in Moody AFB, GA to be in the 823 Security Forces Squadron, a sublet of the 820th Group.

We were stationed at a base which had special operations and the highly elite United States Air Force Pararescue. Our unit was also classified as a special forces unit, because of the mission. The mission also allowed many members to attend specialized trainings with the United States Army Rangers, Airborne, and many others.

I have always had a great respect for pararescue, but I won’t be jumping into the ocean anytime soon, so I was completely satisfied with my blue beret. I wore it with pride and the creed I still believe today.

At Moody AFB, we trained and trained and trained. We were highly specialized in what we did and we had base competitions with our pararescue counterparts. It was a lot of fun.

Needless to say, September 11, 2001, happened. I remember it like it was happening right now. Our unit was already on rotation to deploy, but I was not really suppose to deploy, until I saw the towers. The discussion was over and we went overseas.

The planes were loaded and returned missing what they left with. I ended up getting hurt on my deployment. An injury people try to say is impossible to have happened. One people have never heard of until people decided to snoop into my Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) claim. Why didn’t any one hear of it before? Because certain types of people do not want people to know things about them. They don’t like talking about themselves (something I have been forced to do, over the course of some years, based upon actions of others).

In any case, what happened? I was working an Entry Control Point (ECP), and a freak accident happened. A vehicle (I wont give specifics, they aren’t needed here) came through the checkpoint and a pull rope, which controls the raising and lowering of the gate got stuck in the axel of a vehicle. The vehicle, went through the gate and the drop arm barrier came crashing down on me.

The weapon I had slung on my back (the rifle), ended up slamming on my back and breaking in three places. I fell to the ground. Uniform was destroyed by the impact. I was bleeding everywhere, but I got right back up.

I had to go get checked out, and then went back to post in my torn up uniform to complete the mission.

When we returned to Moody AFB I was put back on a non-deployment profile and scheduled for surgery. I had surgery and it had a longer recover time than the military wanted, so I was discharged without physical therapy.

That is how my military career ended, but my law enforcement career did not. I got picked up by the City of Rowlett to be a Detention Officer. Yes the same City of Rowlett I am writing stories about and the reason for my plan changes (and decisions of what I really “want to do when I grow up”). I was passed over to be a peace officer with them because they wanted me to work in the jail for a year. The second time, they couldn’t use that excuse and I was the top applicant selected, but a hiring freeze kicked in (how ironic).

After some time has passed and much talk with my night shift team, I decided I wanted to move to Maine, and do what I told my mom I would do when I was getting out of the military. Move to her, but at the time, neither one of us were in the financial position to do such.

So, I went there and began working as a Juvenile Program Worker (a detention officer for juveniles). Things similar to Rowlett began to happen there and I was also denied promotion opportunities. I left and returned to the Dallas area. I worked Loss Prevention for a few months, waiting on the United States Pentagon Police Department to call me for my start date.

I left Dallas and went to DC. I had a lot of fun working at the Pentagon, met a lot of good people, and made more family members, but (again) things similar to Rowlett began to happen in DC.

I decided to apply to be a Texas State Trooper and applied with the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement too. I flew to Austin, Texas, got hired by the troopers and elected to take the job with ICE.

I was locating to Laredo, Texas. I love Laredo. It is a great place. I was there for a short while, my family situation changed and the compatibility for me to remain there became an issue, so I moved to the Dallas area. I began my Department of Veterans Affairs career and a (strong) similarity with all the events with Rowlett began to occur. Also, I had a new neighbor. He is also a focus of some of my stories.

I was diagnosed with a medical condition which would prevent me from continuing in law enforcement and I sough other opportunities and was able to advance myself within the VA, but I would have to move to the Rio Grande Valley.

Once I got out of the law enforcement world, I started to realize how impactful I could be for people. I began by doing background reviews for applicants and employees, then I became the suitability expert for my healthcare system and was asked to support national level programs. I also moved into employee and labor relation duties then to oversight functions of the healthcare system; where I was also asked to assist on national level matters.

Then, in 2015, a VA Police Chief, who I have wrote about decided to step up the actions he had already been involved in, since 2010.

I decided to leave the VA because he wouldn’t do his government job properly and I was bound by time in grade to move up any further in the government, without outside employment.

Eventually, I was forced to move to San Antonio, Texas. To an address I used before, which has allowed me to track all the stuff that has happened. Please feel free to read the other stories.

In any case, going through this process, I took an interest in investigative journalism. I found value with all my experiences before; as well as, my education, training, and abilities.

So, to think about what I would want to do to help people? In the manner which I can do it? All that has happened to me, might be a blessing, and a purpose, but I wont know it until there is closure; which we hope is soon.

Much more to tell, much more to fill in (the details too), but for now, my random thoughts are over, and hopefully they help you get a clearer picture.