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Rio Grande Valley and Original Jurisdiction of the Justice of Peace

Did you know the magistrates for the Cameron County Sheriff’s Office were labeled as Justice of the Peace? Did you know, they really are not such label? Do you see how the term would confuse what other people see and hear a Justice of the Peace can do?

Well, we will be going a lot more in depth with the story on Justice of the Peace, but we want to establish a basis for legal language. This is only being shared to lay the ground work for many, which may not understand the terminology used and make assumptions which are not proper.

Original Jurisdiction under the scope of legal definition, is actual jurisdiction. Anything outside of the actual jurisdiction is not within the venue of the office.

Justice of the Peace only has jurisdiction in matters of crimes without a potential for jail sentences. This means they are not allowed to issue search or arrest warrants for matters involving potential jail time. The language references matters of fine, but other statue lists Class B and above misdemeanors as potential jail sentences and are 100% out of scope of office for Justice of the Peace.

This was confusing to us, when we noticed the Cameron County Sheriff’s Office used Justice of Peace terminology on their documents for they own magistrates.

Such labeling may cause confusion for others, as to what Justice of the Peace’s can really do. Such label can also lead into corruptible actions.

Law Enforcement may begin to file cases out of original jurisdiction in the wrong jurisdiction and continue to use the office for gains a magistrate of proper jurisdiction would not act upon.

It is very important to understand the cross reference of laws, but many will only listen to the words of their counsel or other counsel, and the words could be wrong and cause significant damage to people.

If one does not believe us, then we ask you challenge us in a discussion. In conclusion you will have proof showing us being able to validate our work, words, application, and utilization in anything we write about.

The problem is there are so many people unwilling to listen and correct their misunderstanding and we get looked at differently, until the “light bulb,” goes on and many realize our wholesome and good intentions in our manner.

Follow us for more information which may be important to you, or to challenge our work. We enjoy the mental stimulation and will always change what we write or do based upon sound proof.

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