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San Antonio Veterans Affairs Police Chief May Have Abused His Legal Authority

Terry Jay Wallace Senior, the Veterans Affairs (VA) Police Chief and previous Harlingen VA Police Chief may have overstepped his legal authority when he investigated a matter personal to him, by use of his own office.

The legal authority for VA Police can be referenced in our posting which we published here: VA Police Authority

We have previously publish a matter similar to this, which may have more specific details outside of the misuse of office and can be found here: VA Police Chief Files False Complaint

There is a Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) submitted to the Department of Veterans Affairs – Office of General Counsel, related to this matter.

So, why would the Police Chief need to move to San Antonio? And why would his previous Healthcare System Director, let him?

What is going on with the Department of Veterans Affairs?

In any case, the Air Force OSI has taken an interest in the matter, as it is connective to a bigger and more complex scheme of conduct, fitting R.I.C.O.

And one confession to the connective conduct (if one reads all the links in this article), can be found here.

A Civil Rights Violation Complaint has been submitted to the Department of Justice related to this matter and it’s connective items