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Seguin Police Department Disciplines 6 Officers

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Seguin Police Department Disciplines 6 Officers

The Seguin Police Department has recently made available a collection of disciplinary records compiled between January 1, 2023, and August 30, 2023. These records were made public in response to a request made to the City of Seguin. The City of Seguin requested the redaction of the names of the officers involved in the disciplinary actions, and we agreed. In accordance with the agreement, the department released the disciplinary actions without disclosing the identities of the individuals in question.

It is important to note that the Seguin Police Department does not fall under the jurisdiction of a civil service law enforcement agency. As a result, any documented disciplinary actions can be made accessible to the public. By promoting transparency and accountability within the department, the release of these disciplinary records aims to uphold the principles of responsible policing.

The availability of such records can help foster trust between the police and the community they serve. It allows citizens to have a better understanding of the actions taken by law enforcement officers when misconduct or violations occur. Furthermore, this information can serve as a basis for analysis, evaluation, and improvement of police practices.

By making disciplinary actions public, the Seguin Police Department can reinforce its commitment to transparency and ensure that any potential misconduct is addressed in a fair and impartial manner. This initiative should underscore the department’s dedication to maintaining high standards of professionalism and integrity among its officers.

3 Seguin Police Officers Disciplined for Use of Force Issues

The Seguin Police Department took disciplinary action against three officers on March 29, 2023. It was discovered during the investigation that these officers had conducted an arrest using excessive force. Upon careful examination of the incident, it was determined that the tactics employed by the officers and the factors surrounding the arrest were in violation of the department’s General Orders. This incident was thoroughly reviewed, as per the standard procedure for any use of force case, by the officer’s chain of command, including the chief of police.

One of the patrol officers breached four General Orders of the department, specifically related to Arrest, Search and Seizure; Unbecoming Conduct; Duty to Intervene; and Arrest Without Warrant. As a result, the officer faced disciplinary action in the form of a two-day suspension without pay. In addition to the suspension, the officer underwent mandatory retraining on several critical topics, including Use of Force, Deescalation Techniques, and Arrest, Search and Seizure. Such measures aim to reinforce accountability and promote adherence to established protocols within the department.

Another police officer was found to have violated a General Order within the department regarding the duty to intervene. As a consequence, the officer has been subjected to a one-day suspension without pay. Furthermore, the officer was required to undergo remedial training on crucial subjects such as the appropriate use of force, effective de-escalation techniques, and proper procedures for arrest, search, and seizure.

A third patrol officer, holding the rank of corporal, breached one General Order of the department related to the duties and responsibilities of supervision. As a consequence, the corporal was demoted to the rank of officer and underwent comprehensive retraining on crucial aspects such as Use of Force, De-escalation Techniques, and Arrest, Search and Seizure.

1 Seguin Police Officer Disciplined for Tactics Used to Preserve Evidence

The incident with a documentation date of July 8, 2023, involved a patrol officer and a suspect’s attempt to swallow evidence resulted in a violation of the General Order related to Response to Resistance and Aggression. The officer took action to prevent the suspect from swallowing the evidence by grabbing the suspect’s jaw. However, during the struggle, the officer’s hand moved down to the suspect’s neck area.

In response to this violation, the patrol officer received a written counseling. The counseling serves as a formal reminder of the department’s expectations regarding appropriate use of force and response to resistance situations. It provides guidance and reinforces the proper techniques and protocols to be followed in similar situations in the future.

1 Seguin Police Officer Disciplined for Tardiness

Documented on February 25, 2023, a patrol officer received a written warning due to a violation of the department’s attendance policy. The incident in question involved the officer’s arrival to duty one hour later than the scheduled start time, without providing sufficient prior notice to the duty sergeant.

The department’s policy states that officers are expected to provide at least one-hour notice if they anticipate being late for their shift. This allows for proper reassignment of duties and ensures the smooth functioning of the patrol unit. In this particular case, the officer failed to adhere to this requirement, resulting in disciplinary action.

The issuance of a written warning serves as a reminder to the officer regarding the importance of punctuality and effective communication within the department. It also serves as a record of the incident for future reference. The warning acts as a measure to prevent similar occurrences and maintain discipline within the law enforcement agency.

It is crucial for law enforcement officers to understand and comply with department regulations and policies. Punctuality is an essential aspect of their professional responsibilities, as it directly impacts the efficiency of their work and the safety of the community they serve.

In conclusion, the patrol officer’s written warning serves as a reminder of the importance of timeliness and effective communication within the law enforcement agency. It serves to ensure adherence to department policies and maintain a high standard of professionalism within the force.

1 Seguin Police Officer Disciplined for a Traffic Accident

On February 1, 2023, a patrol officer received a written counseling as a result of their involvement in a single-vehicle accident. According to the official report, the officer was found to be at fault for the incident. It was noted that at the time of the accident, the officer’s attention was diverted towards a nearby public park, leading to a collision with a stop sign.

Although the exact extent of the damage caused to the officer’s vehicle or any surrounding property was not specified in the provided information, such incidents serve as reminders of the need for constant vigilance and focus while operating a vehicle, even in seemingly commonplace situations.

It is essential for law enforcement officers to prioritize road safety and to remain cognizant of potential distractions that may compromise their attention and driving abilities. Such incidents highlight the importance of ongoing training and reinforcement of safe driving practices for all members of the police force.

By addressing this matter through written counseling, it is expected that the officer will take the necessary steps to prevent similar incidents in the future and uphold the highest standards of professionalism and responsibility expected from law enforcement personnel.

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