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Hays County ‘Superstar’ Court Clerk has Motion for Contempt of Court Filed on Him

The ‘superstar’ employee of Hays County Court at Law, as described in a Hays Free Press publishing, has a motion for contempt of court filed on him for his less than stellar application of duty. The motion was filed with the 3rd Court of Appeals and due to […]

Hays County Court at Law Clerk Lacks Candor

We all may remember when prior Hays County Court at Law #3 Judge Millie Thompson had issues with employees within the Hays County Court at Law. Many may have articulated her actions as bizarre, but those speculating may have been unknowing to what was really brewing in the […]

Court of Appeals Seeks Appellants Pre-Trial Brief in Kyle Police Chiefs Falsified Case Filed by His Own Officers

Two Habeas Corpus Hearings were conducted in Hays County before a Notice of Appeal was sent to the Texas Court of Appeals for the Third District. The matter stems from Kyle Police Chief Jeff Barnett using his own officers to orchestrate a case against a citizen that wanted […]

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