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Is the San Antonio Police Officer Association in Violation of Federal Election Code?

In review of the San Antonio Police Officer Association Political Actions Committee website, we have questions to the validation of status of the PAC because it seems to endorse a Federal Candidate for Office. So, we did some research and found the PAC to be “terminated,” from Federal […]

TORT CLAIM on Police Chief Received by Department of Veterans Affairs (San Antonio/Harlingen)

We have received confirmation a Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) package has been received by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Tort Law Group on or about July 6, 2020. This confirmation grants legal process to either settle or submit a Civil Suit against the VA for actions […]

Bexar County Constable – Precinct 4 – Is There More to Licensing?

#TCOLE #LOCALNEWS #SANANTONIO #BEXAR #CONSTABLE In review of a story we read from News4SA.com, we decided to take a closer look at the Bexar County Precinct 4 Constable, Stanley Ramos. We requested Texas Public Information Act (TPIA) records from the Texas Commission in Law Enforcement (TCOLE). To start […]

Veterans Affairs Police Chief Admits to Providing False Report (San Antonio/Harlingen)

We received a Government Report from the Veterans Affairs Texas Valley Coastal Bend Healthcare System (VCB), located in Harlingen, Texas; related to a Chief of Police who was employed by such office and has recently transferred to the South Texas Veterans Healthcare System (STX), located in San Antonio, […]

San Antonio Veterans Affairs Police Chief May Have Abused His Legal Authority

Terry Jay Wallace Senior, the Veterans Affairs (VA) Police Chief and previous Harlingen VA Police Chief may have overstepped his legal authority when he investigated a matter personal to him, by use of his own office. The legal authority for VA Police can be referenced in our posting […]

Ethics Commission Meeting Scheduled with the City of Kyle, Texas

An interesting note about this meeting. We asked multiple “investigative,” news media’s to help us with a problem we were having. It seems, one may have attempted to look into us. We are not worried about who looks into us, because we have nothing to hide. What concerns […]

Is There a Cover-Up in the City of Kyle?

We have been requesting records from the City of Kyle for quiet some time. We seem to keep finding issues with records, related to the City of Kyle Police Department. Now we wonder how the Police Department even investigates their cases. Do they enter the case complaint within […]

San Antonio Veterans Affairs Police Service Posts a Job Announcement with Misleading Information

If your are interested in knowing what the Veterans Affairs Police Service (VAPS) does, its not to the degree one may think when reading the job announcement for a Detective position, which was posted on USAjobs.gov: The posting talks about all the major crimes a VAPS Detective can […]

Is this Abuse of Official Capacity by a Police Chief?

A Police Chief claimed to be a victim of a crime. He filed a report with his own office. His own officers investigated. They filed a complaint with a notary of a Justice of the Peace. The Justice of the Peace issued a warrant. It’s believed the employee […]

Kyle Police Chief – CAMP COUNTY – A Start of a Career – Was it Proper? A Chronological Review of Jeffrey B Barnett

So, we have wrote numerous stories on someone who is currently a Police Chief with the City of Kyle, Jeff Barnett. We have obtained many Texas Public Information Act (TPIA) records through the legal process of open records requests (ORR). We still have the same questions: How was […]

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