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4 Texas Judges Receive Public Discipline in April 2022

The Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct (SCJC) issued six disciplinary actions to judges in the month of April. Four of the disciplinary actions judges received were public. The judges receiving public discipline are as follows: The Honorable Judge Clyde Black: On April 7, 2022, the Honorable Clyde […]

Motion Filed to Request Dismissal of Lawsuit on Kyle City Manager

The Plaintiff in Hays County 22nd District Court, Cause 21-2336, styled John D. Ferrara v J. Scott Sellers, City Manager, City of Kyle has requested the Petition of Mandamus filed and served to be dismissed. The request for dismissal comes after the illegal restraint the Plaintiff was subjected […]

Hays County Pro Tem Formally Served Show Cause Notice in Suspected Contempt of Court Cause

Afton Washbourne, the assigned prosecutor for the State of Texas, by way of recusal ordered by Judge Steel of the Hays County District Courts, was formally serviced process for a motion for contempt of court related to said order. The Hays County Criminal District Attorney’s Office was initially […]

Hays County Pro Tem Served Motion for Contempt of Court

Afton Washbourne, a Travis County Attorney whom was assigned a case out of Hays County by a recusal order of a District Court Judge is now in a situation where she needs to explain her actions and decisions surrounding the order she received or be held in contempt […]

Cameron County Civil Legal Division Seeks Reconsideration from the 13th Court of Appeals on Courthouse Security Mandamus

On November 2, 2021, the Cameron County Civil Legal Division filed a “Motion for En Banc Reconsideration and Request for Stay,” with the 13th Court of Appeals, in cause 13-21-00309-CV. This filing is tied to the Original Petition of Mandamus filed within the same cause. The mandamus request […]

Temporary Restraining Order of Cameron County Sheriff Has Been Modified

On April 23, 2021, a hearing on Cameron County Sheriff Eric Garza’s “Motion to Dissolve Temporary Restraining Order and Motion for Emergency Hearing,” occurred in the 445th Judicial District of Cameron County. The Honorable Judge Gloria M. Rincones presided. During the hearing each side was asked if there […]

Temporary Restraining Order issued to Cameron County Sheriff Eric Garza over Courthouse Security Matter

On April 14, 2021, Honorable Judge Janet Leal issued a “Temporary Restraining Order and Order Setting Hearing for Temporary Injunction.” The document was signed and filed into Cameron County District Court Case 2021-DCL-0243. The assigned Judicial Officer for the cause is the Honorable Gloria M Rincones and it […]

NEW UPDATED in Civil Suit Naming TWO Police Chiefs, US District Court, Western District of Texas, San Antonio Division

Most recently, in file 5:20-cv-01128, the United States Magistrate Judge filed his “Report of Recommendations,” and, as a result, there has been an “objection,” made in the cause. We believe, the most important part of the matter, is the factual information in the cause. It links to two […]

Two Public Admonishment Issued for
a Bexar County District Judge, Sitting by Assignment, for “Racial Slurs” and Ex Parte Communication

On December 4, 2020, the State Comission on Judicial Counsel (SCJC) issued a Public Admonishment and an Order of Additional Eduction over the Judges verbiage towards Mexican Nationals. Judge Mark Luitjen, was overheard, in open court, reminiscing on the “olden days,” where Mexican Nationals were commonly referred by […]

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