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Did a Police Chief Really Go to School?

Could a current Police Chief have been in two places at one time, in 1992? We have received, through the Texas Public Information Act (TPIA), a portion of a school catalog from Northeast Texas Community College (1991) in Titus County, Texas for the 1991-1992 academic year. In the […]

TCOLE Refuses to Take Licensing Actions on Certain People – Endangering the Public?

We have submitted more than a few complaints to the Enforcement Unit of the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE), and they have failed to review the files properly. This matter seems to cause harm to the Texans, by officers improperly licensed by the commission. Specifically, we have […]

Kyle Police Chief – CAMP COUNTY – A Start of a Career – Was it Proper? A Chronological Review of Jeffrey B Barnett

So, we have wrote numerous stories on someone who is currently a Police Chief with the City of Kyle, Jeff Barnett. We have obtained many Texas Public Information Act (TPIA) records through the legal process of open records requests (ORR). We still have the same questions: How was […]

UPDATE: (Whit Barnett was Constable (Confirmed by County Meeting Minutes, STILL NO TCOLE RECORD) Camp County Constable 1988 & 1992

In our quest for verification to the truth of our initial story, we continue to research and we seem to continue to validate our findings. It looks like Whit Barnett was never licensed as a Camp County Constable for Precinct 1. This is the “countywide,” Office which went […]

Is There Cryptic Employment of the City of Kyle Police Chief? (UPDATE TO PART OF THE FINDINGS)

There has been a referral made to the Texas State Auditors Office related to Northeast Texas Community College and the problems the program had to obtain applicants for the Basic Peace Officer Course Program. What you see below is the transcript of Jeffrey B. Barnett (current City of […]

A THIRD Confirmation? Is this not enough? – Camp County Constable

We have received a third confirmation there is no record of Thomas Whitley (whit) Barnett being commissioned by TCOLE to be a Constable with Camp County.

Whit Barnett – Camp County

We received information from Camp County showing an election of Whit Barnett with the Constables Office. There is no date listed for the election. We still have reliable information from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) related to Whit Barnett having “no record,” with them. We have […]

Northeast Texas Community College (NTCC) Investigation?

It is our belief, based upon our submission to the Texas State Auditor’s Office the Peace Officer program at Northeast Texas Community College may be under review This speculation is based upon a case number being assigned to our request. Previously, a question we asked did not have […]

Records Retention Requirements are Laws

There has been some talk about records not being provided or not having records available. The facts are very simple. The LAW requires retention of records for specific periods of time. When someone says someone was working somewhere, but there is no proof and State Commissions say otherwise, […]

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