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Hays County Commissioners Agree to Spend $2.5M on Dead End Highway

PLEASE NOTE: Nothing in this publishing or on this website should be taken as legal advice. Hays County Commissioners Agree to Spend $2.5M on Dead End Highway Per a Facebook post by Hays County Judge Ruben Becerra: Mark Jones and Walt Smith lied in commissioners court in an […]

Motion for Default Judgement Filed on TCOLE Executive Director Kim Vickers

Previously, we informed our readers that we filed a Petition of Mandamus (lawsuit) on Executive Director Kim Vickers of the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE). We also provided context for the reason for filing. We published that we received a response from the Texas Attorney General’s Office […]

Travis County District Attorney Indicts 19 Austin Police Officers, Claims Excessive Force

Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza recently called for the indictments of 19 Austin Police Department, Police Officers. The District Attorney’s Office stance is the use of less than lethal force, as used by the 19 officers, was considered excessive and harming. The officers are accused, essentially, of […]

Attorney General’s Office Confirms it will Respond to Lawsuit Filed on TCOLE Director

We received information that the Attorney General’s Office will respond for TCOLE Executive Director Kim Vickers; as it relates to the lawsuit filed on him, for accusations he has not performed his statutory duty for Texas. This reply should be interesting. There are multiple concerns with the Texas […]

Hays County Court at Law Clerk Lacks Candor

We all may remember when prior Hays County Court at Law #3 Judge Millie Thompson had issues with employees within the Hays County Court at Law. Many may have articulated her actions as bizarre, but those speculating may have been unknowing to what was really brewing in the […]

Hays County Pro Tem Close to Receiving a Notice to Show Cause on a Suspected Contempt of Court Matter

Afron Washbourne, an Assistant Travis County Attorney, may be receiving a “show cause notice,” in the near future; as it relates to allegations she has violated an order of a District Court Judge in Hays County. Through numerous open records requests, so the public can be made aware, […]

Hays County Pro Tem Served Motion for Contempt of Court

Afton Washbourne, a Travis County Attorney whom was assigned a case out of Hays County by a recusal order of a District Court Judge is now in a situation where she needs to explain her actions and decisions surrounding the order she received or be held in contempt […]

2 Areas of Texas Connected by One Police Chief (Cameron County & Hays County)

Recently, a citizen filed two Petitions for Mandamus Relief in two separate District Courts. The first, was filed in the Cameron County District Court and provides for a clear connection to the second filing in the Hays County District Court. The first mandamus alleges members of the City […]

Austin Area Attorney Disbarred for Representing Her Roommate She Charged as the Complainant

On July 14, 2021, The State Bar of Texas issued a judgement of disbarment on Christina E. Pagano, of Austin. The effective date of the disbarment was July 8, 2021. The State Bar of Texas provided the following information on the complaint it received: “An evidentiary panel of […]

TCOLE Has Failed to Take Licensing Actions on Multiple Peace Officers

We have been provided more confirmation to a previous story on individuals which went through a “basic peace officer course,” during and after September 1983. Yes, 1983 seems like a very long time ago, but in terms of a law enforcement career for many, it is still ongoing. […]

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