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TCOLE Has Failed to Take Licensing Actions on Multiple Peace Officers

We have been provided more confirmation to a previous story on individuals which went through a “basic peace officer course,” during and after September 1983.

Yes, 1983 seems like a very long time ago, but in terms of a law enforcement career for many, it is still ongoing. This is because there are those that the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) has no record of them ever taking a mandatory licensing exam or being issued a permanent peace officer license.

So, why are they still working? The problem may be more complex than one realizes. We have made numerous complaints and requested numerous records from TCOLE. We must admit, the Open Records Unit has been on point and has done a great job meeting their legal obligation under the law, but those on top of reviewing complaints and assuring compliance with the Legislatures have not been of such standards.

Here is the confirmation of no exams on file with TCOLE:

As you can see, the document was from November 23, 2020. We have many more emails for an extended period of time where we have tried to obtain the truth from the TCOLE Division Chiefs.

We have also shown they do not have permanent peace officer licenses issued, in another one of our stories.

Most recently, we requested TCOLE to show us that they knew they needed to have people pass exams before issuing them permanent licenses. The Open Records Unit, did just that:

In the release was the “Rule Guide,” which shows an effective date of October 19, 1983:

TCOLE also released the instructions for the testing requirements. Specifically, the “section is mandated by Senate Bill 155, 68th Legislature, 1983 which requires the agency to implement a state licensing examination for peace officers.

TCOLE also released the rules and regulations which were considered effective on the date the Legislature became effective: September 1, 1983:

TCOLE provided the “rules,” for issuance of the temporary peace officer license and the permanent peace officer license:

Of specific concern was the rule which stated: “The Commission may not issue a permanent license to a person who fails to complete the required basic training course or who fails to receive a passing score on the licensing examination required y Texas Civil Statues, Article 4413 (29aa), Section 6(B).”

So, we have to ask, why can’t TCOLE present the permanent licenses and examinations for those that attended Dallas Security Force in 1983 and after?

This isn’t the only issue we have uncovered with TCOLE. We have published numerous articles with concerns related to TCOLE reviewing complaints properly.