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TCOLE Refuses to Take Licensing Actions on Certain People – Endangering the Public?

We have submitted more than a few complaints to the Enforcement Unit of the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE), and they have failed to review the files properly.

This matter seems to cause harm to the Texans, by officers improperly licensed by the commission.

Specifically, we have submitted complaints on a few items where TCOLE could not provide any justification for not taking an action, but still denied their legal obligation within the Texas Occupational Code.

Here is a summary of our complaints to TCOLE:

  1. Kyle Police Chief
    1. No deputization record for his claim of being a Camp County Constable in 1992. Open records confirm the elected Constable to not be properly licensed by TCOLE. The elected constable is a relative to the Kyle Police Chief.
    2. The Police Chief submitted an “affidavit,” about criminal history to TCOLE in March 1992, while he was attending an Alternative Academic Program. The affidavit was from the Camp County Constable, his relative; and during a time the form would not be needed. The form is not needed because he should already of been screened to enter the Basic Peace Officer Program (in 1991)
    3. TCOLE only has the affidavit in his initial licensing file, per open records. No high school transcript, no other document showing proper screening before entering the BPOC program.
    4. The Police Chief took a jailer course at the same school, during a week of BPOC instruction, and after the date on the affidavit.
    5. The Police Chief received a separation agreement from the City of Princeton on or before 1/28/2011. The agreement is clear. Everything related to the city must be returned. No police powers, by virtue. TCOLE fails to correct the bad licensure date and allows him to maintain the date (even without law enforcement powers) through hire with the City of Kyle.
    6. The Police Chief has been unable to provide documentation that he had a proper background investigation completed, as required by TCOLE administrative rules. TCOLE failed to request confirmation to completion of such screening after they were made aware.
  2. Dallas Security Force – a “school,” claimed for licensure during the mid 1970’s to mid 1980’s for those employed at Dallas Love Field (DLF)
    1. The school (per open records) was never an approved licensing program. TCOLE fails to take action on those with active licensing, claiming such schooling. There are over 20 individuals, currently employed, by law enforcement agencies throughout Texas with this claim.
  3. City of Royse City – Basic Reserve Officer Course (BROC)
    1. Per TCOLE requirements, people enrolled in the BROC must take the first of three courses at an “approved,” school.
    2. Royse City – per open records – never had the approval to administer the licensing program. TCOLE does nothing.
  4. City of Kirby – BROC
    1. See item 3, same information

In a time where review of law enforcement actions seem to be at an all time high, these matters are very concerning. How many other people are patrolling the State of Texas without proper vetting?

Why is TCOLE not meeting their legal obligation? When asked for information to support their findings, they provided everything but the proof to confirm proper licensing. If they do not take their jobs seriously, do they care about the public? Could their lack of enforcement be a cause to the issues we are witnessing in society?

There is a complaint submitted to the Texas Rangers on the matter.

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