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Temporary Restraining Order of Cameron County Sheriff Has Been Modified

On April 23, 2021, a hearing on Cameron County Sheriff Eric Garza’s “Motion to Dissolve Temporary Restraining Order and Motion for Emergency Hearing,” occurred in the 445th Judicial District of Cameron County.

The Honorable Judge Gloria M. Rincones presided.

During the hearing each side was asked if there were concerns about Judge Rincones hearing the matter. Nether side presented any objections, per journal entries posted:

In summary, the Judge stated there are legal grounds to keep the restraining order in place. She also advised that the order is amended to removed item 3 on the previous order.

The item was related to communicating with the Commissioners Court. Sheriff Garza can conduct business, aside from the matter related to courthouse security; per the amended order.

Nothing is truly final until a judicial signature is fixed to the document. The order was finalized at 3:01 PM on April 23, 2021.

Many may see blank orders in the cause on the Cameron County Public Access Portal. This happens because each party presents their proposed order for judicial review. The only orders that matter are the ones actually signed and entered by the Judge.

This matters, because this case is presenting proof on a nexus issue in another cause in Cameron County. The other case is published HERE if anyone is interested in taking a look into issues with judicial orders.

There is other corruption activities in the court system of Cameron County.

As it relates to the headlines in this publishing; there will be another hearing on the temporary restraining order on April 27, 2021.