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Testimony Given During City of Kyle Counsel Meeting Claims Predator Conduct by High Level Official

Before we get into the details, we feel the need to show a key part of the City of Kyle Municipal Ordinance. This is the law the City Manager must adhere too:

The city manager shall be the chief executive and administrative officer of the city and shall be responsible to the council for the proper administration of all the affairs and business of the city. The city manager shall be required to:

(a) Enforce all state laws and city ordinances, and require compliance with all policies and resolutions.

City of Kyle Municipal Ordinance (Ord. No. 646, § 1(Props. 8, 9), 3-1-2011)

With such in mind, the following occurred in the presence of the City Manager:

A City of Kyle, City Counsel Meeting occurred on March 16, 2021. In the meeting, as with every meeting, citizens are allowed to make public comment.

In registering for public comment one is to swear the statements and testimony they are giving or about to give are true and correct under the penalties of perjury.

I hereby certify that the above statements by me are true and accurate, and that I have listed all persons, firms, corporations, classes or groups that I represent in reference to the matters on which I am appearing. I further certify that the testimony I give and statements that I make before the Kyle City Council and other City Boards and Commissions will be true and accurate, under penalty of perjury. •

City of Kyle, Attestation Statement

Here is the video:

City of Kyle, City Counsel Meeting – 3/16/2021

At the 2:28 mark of the video, it can be heard a claim made that Police Chief Barnett uses “underage,” females as informants. In labeling them as informants, it is stated by the person giving testimony, this is done to hide predator conduct.

This is very concerning. The City of Kyle requires testimony to be true. They tell those giving testimony they can be charged with perjury if what they provide is not truthful.

We have been given no reason to believe this to be untruthful based upon the attestation. It is very concerning, if the allegations are substantiated.

Here is the written statement made:

Yesterday was March 15. The ides of March it was Jeff Blake Barnett birthday the son of Police chief Jeff Barnett. Your police chief Jeff Barnett in an internal nvestigation done in 2012 by your city manager Earp denied the existence of his own child. Judas denied Christ that was something but Jeff Barnett denied any knowledge of his son now that’s evil. Barnett knew all along it was his son because he had conducted a DNA test well before Earps investigation and that DNA test has the date showing it’s a year before Earps investigation. Little Jeff lives in home with a hole in its roof no airconditioner no heat in Princeton where Barnet abandon him years ago along with his mistress. And has never paid one penny of support to his son that’s immoral and also criminal. He lied to her to sleep with her and manipulated her and several other woman in Princeton including a young teenage girl.

When officer Brandon Kilpatrick of Princeton were Barnett was chief turned him in for his misconduct in which he would pull over young women and instead of ticketing them he would get their number and call them in the middle of the night to conduct his immoral and criminal affairs. A mother concerned for her teenage daughter contacted officer Brandon Kilpatrick and Brandon did what any good officer did he made difficult decision and turned in his chief for misconduct. What did Barnett do he fired Kilpatrick gave him dishonorable discharge without listing a reason. after Barnett had lied in a city investigation and kept his city cell phone records from being used as evidence by listing these young girls as informants denying access to his call logs making it impossible for officer to Kilpatrick to prove his allegations. But years later under protest from the city I got the records and it shows clearly what Brandon knew all along that his chief was a sexual predator with a badge that gave him the authority to do what ever he pleased.

Sounds familiar doesn’t it officer Jessie Espinoza turned in his police chief Jeff Barnett to your city manager Earp for lying during the 10 questions true false 5 min investigation of chief Barnett by Earp in which he denied knowing anything about a child that might have resulted in a relationship with a married woman which he continued while chief in Kyle. What happened to officer Espinoza Earp ordered 8 hmiddle of the night screaming interrogation of Jessie Espinoza conducted by the same firm that cleared Barnett and hid his phone records from officer Kilpatrick and gave him the same dishonorable discharge.

Glen D. Hurlston, MD