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Texas Rangers Public Integrity Unit Receives Title 8 Complaint Related to TCOLE Procedures

The Texas Rangers Public Integrity Unit (PIU) has received a complaint in regards to the work performance of the Texas Law Enforcement Commission (TCOLE) employees. The complaint does not specify particular individuals, but highlights the legal scope of duties TCOLE is required to perform.

The complete complaint is not represented within this publishing, but may be provided as things develop.

Per: Texas Rangers PIU Website, since the 84th Legislation Session, which occurred in 2015, a unit was created by the Department of Public Safety (DPS) to combat improprieties within the State level of government.

H.B. No 1690, granted DPS the ability to create a PIU unit within the Texas Rangers for investigation and resolution of matters which are considered offenses against public administration.

One section of said offenses is Title 8 of the Texas Penal Code. The Title consists of four chapters:

Below are parts of the complaint submitted to the Texas Rangers PIU unit. The items missing are the summary of the complaint, but what is important to point out is the legal obligation of TCOLE to perform duties. The term “shall,” is a very powerful obligation of duty.

What is represented above is a belief there is influenced enforcement actions, which are inconsistent with law. It is important to note the legal definition of a law includes Texas Administrative Code (TAC); which is a longer and formal language for “rules,” within statue.

Rule’s are typically the laws of one’s office or employment. Having a statue reference a rule, creates a legal burden to perform a duty as a Government employee or potentially violate the laws of the State of Texas.

We will be curious to see what the Texas Rangers do with the complaint. There seems to be inconsistencies in application of disciplinary procedures.

What are your thoughts?