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The Cameron County Government Waives Service of Summons in Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit

On April 15, 2021, the Cameron County Government provided three of four waiver of summons in a Federal Civil Rights lawsuit.

The fourth waiver could not be returned at this time due to the fourth person, Luis Mendieta no longer being with the Cameron County Government.

Interestingly enough, this is the second time Luis Mendieta has left the Cameron County Sheriff’s Office since April 2020.

In April 2020, a complaint was received by the Cameron County Sheriff’s Office on Luis Mendieta, related to his participation in acts which contributed to the filing of a Federal Civil Rights lawsuit.

When Eric Garza was elected Sheriff, Mendieta returned to the Cameron County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Eric Garza was contacted to identify who could receive a complaint on his employee (Mendieta) and he provided a person to submit the concerns too. Since that time, and since receiving the waivers of service for the lawsuit, it appears Mendieta has left the Cameron County Government, again.

There are two people pending the return of the waivers. One is Luis Mendieta and the other is the San Antonio Veterans Affairs Police Chief, Terry Jay Wallace Senior. Wallace was the Harlingen Veterans Affairs Police Chief since the year 2010 through 2019. Wallace is also a prior coworker of the plaintiff in the lawsuit.

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The lawsuit claims Wallace and others fabricated evidence to retaliate against the Plaintiff for his expression of 1st Amendment Rights to redress the government and for freedom of speech through blogging.

Specifically, Wallace and others planned and executed a scheme of conduct to cause harm to the Plaintiff for an extended period of time. The plan backfired and the Plaintiff began to redress the government related to his concerns. During the redress, Wallace and others schemed together to find a way to have the Plaintiff arrested. In executing the plan of retaliation, Wallace and others fabricated evidence and submitted it into a criminal case.

Initially, the first attempt of the retaliatory scheme failed and the Cameron County Magistrate Judge advised the Plaintiff that he was not charged with any crimes. However, a few months later, Wallace plead to one of the named individuals in the suit to file charges on the Plaintiff. That person, being in a position to file charges, did so without any evidence or any valid information.

The court proceedings provided for more tampering and fabrications of documents. The effort to limit public exposure has taken many turns and has involved many people. Because the media would not review the concerns of the Plaintiff and because of certain responses of the media, it was apparent they were influenced to deny assistance to the Plaintiff. The Plaintiff began blogging and individuals attempted to block the exposure of the blog.

The high level specifics of the lawsuit can be found in the initial complaint, which is located HERE.

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Initially, there was a lawsuit filed before, which incorporated two lawsuits into one. The United States Magistrate Judge had concerns of the overlap and dismissed the cause.

The Plaintiff submitted an appeal to the 5th Circuit Court and a few of the representatives for the defense had issue that they were not served in the initial suit, so the Plaintiff asked the court to close the appeal to serve the defendants.

The court agreed and the Plaintiff took all the recommendations of the United States Magistrate Judge and separated the lawsuit into two separate lawsuits.

Now there are two separate, but overlapping lawsuits filed. Each lawsuit clearly addresses the concerns raised by the United States Magistrate Judge in the first filing. Both lawsuits will overlap with one another as they develop.

The second lawsuit involves a City of Kyle Police Chief who use to be the Plaintiffs neighbor in Princeton, Texas. Such Police Chief lost his job before the Plaintiff relocated to the Rio Grande Valley. The Police Chief covered up the job loss and has been attempting to harm the Plaintiff ever since; although, the Police Chief was already in a scheme to cause harm before such job loss.