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A post seeking clarification to a public record received from FOIA has been removed, as clarification has been confirmed. Per the last line in the post, it was a question as the VA did not clarify previously.

The confirmation was sent from a private email account and the matter was referred to Army CID for validation. Per our established procedures.

The VA has not responded to numerous requests for information, we can only rely on the information we have. The individual is only communicating from a private account and we have yet to receive information from official government channels.

The individual could request the VA Public Affairs Office to provide a release to The Hawk’s Eye News.

In review of the publication, the article was focused on false statements of the FOIA Officer which leads into questions of other information within such scope. There is nothing claiming anything beyond a request for opinion.

The article referenced potential bad information in FOIA. It was questioned if the picture was the same as the employee in the position. The employee is a Public Official

FOIA OFFICER confirmation of deception
“Sec. 73.056.  DISCLOSURE OF EVIDENCE OF FALSITY.  (a)  A person who has been requested to make a correction, clarification, or retraction may ask the person making the request to provide reasonably available information regarding the falsity of the allegedly defamatory statement not later than the 30th day after the date the person receives the request.  Any information requested under this section must be provided by the person seeking the correction, clarification, or retraction not later than the 30th day after the date the person receives the request.(b)  If a correction, clarification, or retraction is not made, a person who, without good cause, fails to disclose the information requested under Subsection (a) may not recover exemplary damages, unless the publication was made with actual malice.”

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