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The Hays County Pro Tem Request Police Chief’s Name to be Public

On September 1, 2021, the Travis County Pro Tem filed a “Motion to Amend Information,” within Hays County Court at Law 1. This is under Cause 21-2259CR-1.

This shows a pseudonym should not have been used by a Police Chief. The concern which has been raised by the defense for years.

Now that the Pro Tem is motioning it’s removal, one must ask if they will see the case differently? Also, does this action prove the mainstream media was improperly influenced to restrict exposure of public concern?

However, the name has been without a pseudonym since October 5, 2020, as indicated in the Hays County District Attorney’s “Motion to Recuse.”

Of further importance is what was ordered in the recusal. The order requires reviewing if any potential case exist against the defendant, the police report AND/OR the warrant issued.

Thus far it appears the investigation and warrant have yet to receive due consideration under judicial order.