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The R.I.C.O. File and How One Man Made a Major Federal Investigation, Part 1

For years, a man and a woman have followed around a citizen for unknown reasons. Throughout the years they have made up lies that would constitute “false alarm or report,” within the Texas Penal Code. Why has nothing been done about it?

The man on the right, remains unidentified

The Harlingen Police Department was contacted and failed to answer. As you can see, they have never helped the citizen with such rouge actions of someone claiming to be law enforcement.

The Facebook page this was sent too, is managed by Executive Commander, Public Informations Officer, David Osborne.

There has been long stemming conduct by the man and a light skinned female that has red hair and dyes it black on occasion. Why does she dye it black? To fit the scheme used by a Kyle Police Chief named Jeffery B Barnett.

Pictures, Jeffery B Barnett, photo from Kyle PD Facebook

So why would Barnett resort to such conduct? Well there is a long history of employment issues with Barnett, this has been described, in detail, and with supporting Texas Public Information Act (TPIA) records in other news stories of The Hawk’s Eye News.

It turns out that Barnett traveled to Harlingen, Texas after receiving a separation agreement from the City of Princeton. In such agreement, he was required to turn in all city gear and property. How could one portray himself as a licensed Peace Officer without any property, to include credentials?

TPIA records (TCOLE/City of Princeton)

This didn’t start with Barnett, it accelerated with him, you see, this can be traced back to 2003, when this citizen was fresh out of the United States Air Force on a disability discharge, and he became a City of Rowlett Jailer.

So what happened there? It turns out this citizen has a father that recorded all this citizens childhood phone calls. This citizens father is a Retired United States Air Force Telecommunications expert. This means he is well versed in the use of telecommunications devices and internet routers. There is more to explain in another story about how the father got to 2003, but what can be said, is the illegal wiretaps received by law enforcement did not result in criminal charges for the one providing them, yet a catalyst for an organized crime scheme by Peace Officers that have their own hidden problems.

In Rowlett, there is a Peace Officer named Steven J Ferrie, he has a jealous tendency. This is evident by Ferrie turning this citizen down for a job, in an oral board, because he didn’t like that the citizen would cite his mother for a traffic violation.

Why would Ferrie be so worried about a jailer? That may be a conversation for a later time, but one can show how Ferrie is not properly certified to be a Peace Officer in the State of Texas.

So, because this citizen was passed over one time for a Peace Officer job and the second time he was placed on a hiring freeze for months, he decided to fulfill a promise to his mom, that he made in the military. That promise? To move to Maine.

So the citizen moved, and he started working for the State of Maine, ironically enough, his mom also worked there. During that time, he was also having a hard time to get a promotion. One would like to think the citizen was the problem, but as this R.I.C.O. unravels, and specifics won’t be provided in this news story, one will see how it was the inner workings of a corrupt scheme.

Needless to say, during this time, the citizen found out about the United States Pentagon Police Department, so he applied; but he didn’t move from Maine to Washington D.C.; he actually moved back to the Dallas, Texas area for a few months before he went to D.C.

He stayed there for a few years, some similarities happened there too, and eventually he transferred back to Texas by working for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) . He was stationed in Laredo, Texas and they always liked to spell his last name wrong, but they were a good group of people. Eventually, he transferred to Bonham, Texas to work for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Why’d he transfer? Well, the citizen got married and the San Antonio Field Office would not transfer the citizens and the new spouse did not want to live in Laredo.

So, the newlyweds moved to Farmersville, Texas to stay with his father until they could find a new place to live. They settled in Princeton, Texas because of the proximity of jobs. Not very long after arriving in Princeton, a new baby was on her way.

Near the end of 2009, two people, James Waters and Barnett, moved in across the street from this citizen. Barnett made many numerous statements of concern about the status of this citizen.

The citizen also applied back to the Rowlett Police Department, the City said that there was something in the citizens background, yet ICE, Texas DPS Troopers, Metropolitan Police of the District of Columbia (MPDC), and other prestigious agencies did not have the same finding, what did Rowlett find? TPIA is still pending, for over a year. The citizen transferred to Harlingen, Texas Veterans Affairs because of promotion opportunity as it was a new healthcare system, and because he had a new baby, the cost of living was lower. Only one person had to work.

In any case, Barnett and Waters did a bunch of silly stuff (with others) that a red haired female did in Combes, Texas in 2010, and she continued throughout the time this citizen lived in the Cameron County, Texas area.

But, these two weren’t alone, they even had help from a Veterans Affairs Police Chief. Please see the story on the false complaint for the final move to secure R.I.C.O.

Eventually, the citizen was forced out of Cameron County and to San Antonio, Texas; where he resides today.

The Hawk’s Eye News won’t bore you any longer on this story, read part 2 for more.