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The Special Privilege of a Police Chief in the City of Kyle

We have published before, on a matter where a Police Chief claimed to be a firefighter and emergency medical technician with a department that has no records of him.

Now, we show the change of heart the Hays County Emergency Service District (ESD) 5, also known as the Kyle Fire Department, has had.

Initially, on or about January 5, 2021, the Kyle Fire Department realized the issue of having Jeff (Jeffrey) Barnett on the rolls as a firefighter and emergency medical technician – paramedic.

They also identified that the agency has no volunteers appointed or employed with their agency:

A review of two government websites shows the following:

It shows Jeff Barnett to be a firefighter (with no records on file with the ESD) and a emergency medical technician – paramedic (with no records on file with the ESD).

On January 22, 2021, Chief Taylor of the Kyle Fire Department identifies that Jeff Barnett “is carried by us (Kyle Fire Department) so that in the course of his police duties he has to provide emergency medical care prior to our staff (Kyle Fire Department) arriving, he will fall under our (Kyle Fire Department) medical direction. Chief Barnett will remain on our roster.”

In review of such response, one must remember the requirement of City of Kyle employees to procure a secondary employment. Specifically stated in the City of Kyle Personnel Policy is the following:

In light of the personnel policy of the City of Kyle, we requested open records to determine if the policy was followed and it appears it is not being followed:

What makes the matter even more interesting is the connection of a Justice of the Peace and Jeff Barnetts benefit to maintain status with the Kyle Fire Department (even if it is against City Policy).

However, raising the issues to the City of Kyle has resulting in Jeff Barnett filing false charges to suppress the truth from surfacing. Such matter is being reviewed by the Travis County Attorney’s Office because the Hays County District Attorney had to recuse the office due to the relationship with the City of Kyle.

It was also discovered, Jeff Barnett misused his office to file the complaint and ordered his own officer to seek out a warrant from his unapproved employer, Judge Beth Smith.

Although the City of Kyle, specifically, the City Manager has a legal obligation to assure compliance with all policies and to enforce laws, he has neglected his duty:

Rather than perform the legal requirements, the City of Kyle preferred to violate the rights of a citizen through premeditated planning; which has been identified in a Federal Lawsuit filed on the City of Kyle and Jeff Barnett.

In the course of suppressive conduct by the City of Kyle, it has also influenced mainstream news outlets to prevent exposure of government corruption.

This publishing is just one of the many findings which violate the City of Kyle Municipal Ordinance and Personnel Policies.

We have witnessed high level officials being disciplined publicly for far less than what we have complied.