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There May Be ANOTHER Potentially Fabricated Record Filed with the Cameron County Clerk’s Office

It appears the mystery of missing documents listed publicly to exist within Cameron County Court at Law 5, has taken a new turn. This time, in cause 19-CCR-1643, it looks like a document was submitted into the County Clerk’s Office, but not listed on the public record. This may be an attempt to cover up missing orders and have someone provide them at a later point, but since there isn’t a Court Reporter Record (for the orders never issued), it shouldn’t matter much, in the resolution of the defendants purpose.

The interesting thing about the document submitted is its need for a Texas Criminal Court of Appeals matter; however, it is not signed and potentially a coverup to other matters performed by employees of Cameron County.

The Judge will need to file, properly, with the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. We believe the Judge is not aware or involved in this course of conduct.

We shall continue to document the concerns we witness until a proper answer is received. It should be noted, the final “argument,” was made by Edward Sandoval, and not the person listed in the document below. He also said the defendant could have been indicted; even without any evidence.

There is also a new Sheriff Elect, will he reach out to the Texas Attorney General, with his Clerk Record knowledge? Should the Cameron County District Attorney’s Office be investigated?

We believe they should be and they have been named, in at least, one Federal Lawsuit.

The Elected District Attorney claims he “seeks justice and justice alone,” yet he allowed a Federal Police Chief to file a false complaint and has don’t nothing for Justice.

He was even reached out too. We know, there have been a lot of rumors since this individual moved to the Rio Grande Valley in late 2010, when Jeffrey B Barnett (prior Princeton PD Chief, current Kyle PD Chief) lost his job and traveled to the area to see that people continued doing what they were doing to his Princeton, Texas neighbor.

The lawsuit filed, should do a lot to stop the non-sense. It is our hope, anyway.

So, what do you think? Would a Judge sign the document? Why isn’t it listed in public record? And, the stamp looks messed up too.

It should also be noted, no legal authority is cited and not all the “ground,” specific to prosecutorial misconduct were even mentioned in the document below (could a member of the DA’s Office have written this?):