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Travis County Attorney Claims Her Chief Investigator (essential) Pencil Whips Complaints

Afton Washbourne, the lead attorney, that is not listed as the lead attorney for Hays County Cause 21-2259CR-1, as the Pro Tem for the Hays County District Attorney’s Office made a statement of concern in a hearing on October 13, 2021.

The defense team wanted to interview the Travis County Attorney’s Chief Investigator, Brent Ryan, as a “hostile witness.” The matter was not officially raised in the hearing by the defense, but Ms. Washbourne did make a declaration in public and open court that Mr. Ryan, effectively, doesn’t review a thing when he swears to complaints that he submits to his attorney’s to be filed in court.

It may make one wonder how “John Smith,” with no pseudonym form to be found, was filed in the cause to protect the name of Jeffery Barnett, the City of Kyle Police Chief.

This is developing, and more will be provided in the future.

Was this all an attempt to prevent mainstream news from publishing that a Police Chief used his own office to investigate a citizen for his own private benefit?

Somehow, even on October 1, 2018, the Police Chief used the public name of “John Smith,” when it never met the elements to use such a pseudonym: