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Travis County Jailer Surrenders License to TCOLE

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Travis County Jailer Surrenders License to TCOLE

A Travis County Jailer has agreed to surrender his Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) after a plea deal with the Travis County Attorney’s Office.

Saul Mireles-Torres has been licensed by the Travis County Sheriff’s Office since April 1, 2013. He requested his license be surrendered on or about June 14, 2022.

Travis County Jailer Initially Arrested for Allegations of Driving While Intoxicated

In the initial “Affidavit for Warrant of Arrest and Detention,” filed on November 18, 2018, it was alleged:

On 11/11/2018, at approximately 1949 hrs, [] Officer Ovalle #8580 responded to a CRASH URGENT at 2-804 S IH-35 SVRD SB. The call text stated, it was a two vehicle collision… one vehicle had left the scene… the driver was possibly intoxicated… the blue Ford F-150 driver left the scene heading SB and then WB on Riverside. Upon [Officer Ovelle’s] arrival, [the officer] observed a two vehicle collision with both vehicles in the far left lane on the SB svrd. [The officer] was advised by both drivers what was in the call text. One of the driver’s was able to pull off the license plate from the suspect vehicle which was later identified as a 2014 Blue Ford F-150 PK []. Officer Cantu-Harkless #8516 and his partner Officer Kreisler #8555 responded to the registered owners address [] and observed the Blue Ford F-150 parked on the street with a male passed out in the drivers seat; male later identify as MIRELES-TORRES, SAUL. The pickup had visible damage to the front of it showing signs that it had just been involved in a collision. A strong odor of an alcoholic beverage was detected and they observed Mireles-Torres’s balance being impaired as he was observed swaying, and stumbling while walking. [Officer Ovalle] was advised that Mireles-Torres showed signs of having slurred speech, and seemed confused when speaking about what he did [that] evening. Due to the information [Officer Ovalle] was provided, [the officer] conducted a DWI Investigation on Mireles-Torres.

Sworn Statement signed by Officer Christian Ovalle, Austin Police Department

The Travis County Attorney’s Office Refiles the Case

On May 16, 2022, the Travis County Attorney’s Office refiles the case. Initially a DWI, now it was filed as a matter obstructing a highway.

Specifically alleged by the Travis County Attorney’s Office, was the following:

SAUL MIRELES-TORRES, the Defendant, on or about 11th day of November 2018, did then and there, without legal privilege and authority, intentionally, knowingly, and recklessly obstruct a highway, street, sidewalk, entrance, and exit to which the public or a substantial group of the public has access, and any other place used for the passage of a persons and vehicles, to wit: Unsafe Movement.

Unknown undersigned, filed into Cause C1CR22400402, Travis County Court at Law 6

TCOLE Accepts the Request to Surrender the License

After Mireles-Torres signed his plea deal, TCOLE through its General Counsel accepted the license surrender.

Unfortunately, the released information from TCOLE was highly redacted by whiting out extensive parts of the documents. However, it was a public case so the records were able to be located through other means.

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