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Veteran CONTINUES to be HARMED by a Veterans Affairs Police Chief, MAINSTREAM MEDIA DOES NOTHING

We received notice, dated December 10, 2020, that we were convicted of a Felony, and served time in the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP), since, around, January 28, 2016.

Nothing could be FURTHER than the truth. We have been subjected to harm by a Veterans Affairs Police Chief and many others. We have been filed a Federal Lawsuit, yet the Media does nothing to help this citizen, this veteran.

We have reached out to them numerous times; yet, they just ignore us. Now, we have even more proof of harm. We have no idea what information was used to determine we were incarcerated since 2015. We do not know who reported it to anyone.

There are only two people, with our name, that seems to ever be in a BOP. It makes us wonder why KNOW ONE wants to help us, but we will continue publishing our issues, as they happen.

Now, it looks like we wont have any income for our children. We will figure something out, we always do.

Per the VBA guide one has to ACTUALLY BE IN A JAIL, to be deemed IMPRISONED for VBA purposes.

Click to access incarcerated.pdf

And, anyone can search for any inmate (past or present) for the BOP, here:

UPDATE: It seems the VA has corrected its error (as it claims to be); however, there is more to the matter: