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Veterans Affairs Police Chief Admits to Providing False Report (San Antonio/Harlingen)

We received a Government Report from the Veterans Affairs Texas Valley Coastal Bend Healthcare System (VCB), located in Harlingen, Texas; related to a Chief of Police who was employed by such office and has recently transferred to the South Texas Veterans Healthcare System (STX), located in San Antonio, Texas.

The Police Chief admitted he did not have any factual information when he filed a complaint. Specifically, it is confirmed he made statements related to the marital status, military status, mental health diagnosis, and other key items of a Disabled Veteran; without having any real evidence to the statements he made.

The statements were made in such a manner, it was more than an opinion. He stated the items in the Cameron County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) report as matters of facts.

You can read the stories already reported on his false report, and misuse of his office to see the specific allegations. The letter from VCB is below and highly redacted:

The statements above are false, the information was never shared with Terry Jay Wallace Senior, nor is the information accurate. Since it isn’t even actuate and he claims the individual provided to him, he has admitted he has no real proof to his claims made within the CCSO report.

The individual has never received the diagnosis he claimed, was not divorced, and never served in the Army. All material statements made to a Peace Officer in the State of Texas.

We are still curious if the CCSO will ever do anything about it, or if another agency is going to take the lead.

It seems such written statements (libel) by an individual not performing official duties is a consideration for civil actions.

What are your thoughts?