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Veterans Affairs Police Chief to have FTCA Lawsuit Filed on Him Before Years End

A Veterans Affairs Police Chief who filed a false report and sent emails to his government email to make it appear that his spouse received messages she never received will have a Federal Tort Claim filed on his conduct.

Veterans Affairs Police Chief Terry Jay Wallace – Facebook Photo Courtesy of a Public Profile

Although the lawsuit will not name Mr. Wallace, it will be sent to the United States Attorney and such lawsuit will address Mr. Wallace’s conduct towards the veterans he is supposed to serve.

The Veterans Affairs have yet to provide a final response to the prefile, but the petition is able to file any time. Since it’s been over a year, the petitioner plans to file before the end of the year 2022

The Veterans Affairs Police Chief misused his position when he began investigating the petitioner off VA property for an allegation that is not a federal crime or within the scope of the VA. This is long stemming conduct which can be tied to two lawsuits filed on two separate City Managers.

The Police Chief also liked to contact the petitioners employers. Above is one example of the Police Chief texting the petitioners employer.

As one may see in the letter (above), the petitioner can file his lawsuit with the US Attorney’s Office whenever the petitioner wants too. The petitioner waited a year to decide to file. The lawsuit will be filed before the end of the year 2022.