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What is TCOLE really tracking?

What a question to have. The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) uses a system called TCLEDDS. This is a program an agency may choose to use to track law enforcement credentialing information mandated by State Legislation.

The program is contracted through a company called Productivity Center, Inc. That is not the interesting part, the part of interest is TCOLEs inability or unwillingness to disclose what the State ID field means on the Personal Service Records of all PID holders.

There should be a manual, somewhere, as TCOLE is the owner of the system. It is designed for them, yet they seem to not know what the State ID field does and has no documentation on it, all per the Texas Public Information Act (TPIA) request process.

What TCOLE did say was related to third party transmission of data. Looking at the form field for the State ID, could the third party be the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS)?

If it is DPS then one may be interested in searching for E-1 notifications to TCOLE, because those documents are for self report of arrests to TCOLE. So how could so many people not have an E-1 on file, but have a SID that appears to be issued during employment which requires reporting?

We are waiting for further information to find out what the State ID field really is, but one thing is for sure, TCOLE cannot say it is not a SID without proof; which they haven’t provided.