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What is the REAL REASON, Jeffrey B Barnett, Left Princeton Police Department for Kyle Police Department?

We have written a few publishings about Jeffrey B Barnett, the Police Chief, for the City of Kyle. Most recently, we have been provided through the Texas Public Information Act (TPIA) a submission for Doctorate Degree confirmation for Mr. Barnett. So, we looked at the date and remembered his separation paperwork from the City of Princeton stated something about finishing his degree. This matter seems untimely and out of line with the claimed “intent,” of resignation.

One must wonder, was there more to the departure from the City of Princeton? Was the City of Kyle aware of the real issues in Princeton? Did Mr. Barnett inform the hiring committee established by the City of Kyle of his departure from the City of Princeton and that he was no longer the Police Chief, as he has claimed in application to the City of Kyle? Would it have made a difference in the selection process? If yes, this may be an overt act and a violation of many Texas Penal Codes.

Let’s examine the most recent document received from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE):

Above, is an application for confirmation of a degree award of a Doctoral level program. It looks to be earned in the year 2017. Mr. Barnett left Princeton in 2011. This is six (6) years difference.

So we examine the letter submitted to the City of Princeton on Mr. Barnetts resignation:

The letter, dated a January 27, 2011, states he is the Chief of Police for the Princeton Police Department. He stated he resigned to work on his dissertation and defense portion of his Doctorate degree.

The letter also states he will resign on April 28, 2011. He states that to be his effective date; however, a separation agreement received from the City of Princeton shows that the effective date to be January 28, 2011:

Above is three pages of the six page agreement. These three pages hold important information. One, it states the effective date to be January 28, 2011. It also states he may not apply or reapply to any jobs with the City of Princeton. The letter goes on to establish “severance pay,” and states he will be a consulting for matters already pending, as needed. The document is clear on the scope to receive severance pay. There is to be no law enforcement authority. The agreement also states it must be disclosed when legally required. An example of this would be application to a government job. The agreement also states Mr. Barnett must turn in all city property on or before January 27, 2011. Anyone in law enforcement knows, you do not have authority without credentials. If Mr. Barnett did not have credentials, he had no law enforcement status.

A look at some of the other documents associated with the separation agreement, received through TPIA shows a separation document being sent to TCOLE and then someone rescinded it:

Again, what is seen is a resignation notification sent to TCOLE, as required, and clearly indicated in the Separation Agreement. Then we see a document, signed by James Waters, “Police Chief,” for the City of Princeton, on or about February 14, 2011; which requests a reinstatement of the resignation. The reinstatement was granted and can be reflected on Mr. Barnett’s Personal Service Record (PSR) from TCOLE:

The date, of claimed separation is May 5, 2011. This date seems to be changed so Mr. Barnett may apply to the City of Kyle’s Job Posting of Police Chief:

It appears the Job Posting was opened on February 7, 2011 and closed on February 28, 2011. The request to reinstate the TCOLE Peace Officer license was made on February 14, 2011. Mr. Barnett applies to the job:

We see Mr. Barnett applied on February 28, 2011. That was the last day the announcement was opened. He claimed to be the Police Chief for the City of Princeton. He stated there was nothing that caused him to resign and that he was actively employed and he lists the current Interim Police Chief to be a Detective and Co-Worker of Mr. Barnett; however, TPIA records show the following:

The City of Princeton appointed Mr. Water to be the Interim Police Chief on or about February 7, 2011 and Mr. Waters was present in a City Counsel meeting on or about February 14, 2011, with the Interim Chief of Police title.

After Mr. Barnett makes it through the hiring committee, the City Counsel of Kyle is made aware of the following:

On April 28, 2011, the City Counsel is made aware that Mr. Barnett resigned effective January 28, 2011 to pursue his Doctorate degree. It is also stated, that the current Chief of the Houston Police Department stated, Mr. Barnett was not honest with the committee.

So, what was the real reason for Mr. Barnett leaving the City of Princeton? One of the items may have been discovered in a Federal Lawsuit of Glen Hurlston:

It appears the Mayor of Princeton had a concern about Mr. Barnett, and it stemmed with conduct towards the Mayor’s wife. Soon after, an agreement seems to be created. The document above is part of the public evidence file in the Federal Lawsuit of Glen Hurlston.

Another key point of the matter may be who represented Mr. Barnett in the Federal Lawsuit:

Per an oral deposition by Mr. Barnett, it was Kimberly B. Herbert. This name becomes important because of the connection to another Federal Lawsuit filed under Ferrara v. Wallace et al and a publishing about the connection of Mr. Barnett’s attorney to Mr. Ferrara’s employment.

As for the connection, and potentially, another reason for separation from the City of Princeton, one may want to consider the review being done in a matter Mr. Barnett has claimed not to know his Princeton, Texas neighbor.

What we can, seemingly, confirm is Mr. Barnett deceived the City of Kyle to gain employment. He also did so with, what appears to be, a false reason. He did not seem to mention the “severance pay,” he accepted. It was not until a lawsuit was filed that there seemed to be any reason identified to the reason for taking the agreement.

Even TCOLE was under the assumption Mr. Barnett had credentials to enforce the laws under the authority of the City of Princeton. We know that not to be the case; however, TCOLE has yet to change the date in their system to reflect the proper date of law enforcement separation.

To compound the issues, the City of Kyle seems to have no records on file to justify that a proper background investigation was ever conducted:

We filed a follow up complaint with TCOLE and the City of Kyle on the issues and are waiting to see what proof they can provide on the matter(s). They have yet to provide and validating proof of concerns.