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Who are the 2023 Candidates for Hays County Criminal District Attorney?

Many people may be wondering what to expect this election year. It appears that incumbent Hays County Criminal District Attorney Wes Mau has elected not to run for re-election.

This year, there are two candidates running for the office of Criminal District Attorney for Hays County. Both candidates bring interesting experience to the office.

The candidates are also running in separate parties, this means they will advance past the primary election by default. It may be why many have not seen much movement on the campaign trail as March 2022 approaches.

The sample Democrats ballot for the March 1, 2022, election has one option for the party to choose:

As does the sample Republican ballot:

So, who are Kelly Higgins and David Puryear?

Kelly Higgins, Democratic Candidate for the Hays County Criminal District Attorney’s Office for 2023:

Kelly Higgins, Photo VIA Campaign Page

Mr. Higgins’ official campaign page is here:

Mr Higgins states the following, per his campaign page:

“I was raised in Houston by a single mother who did it all. Most of what I am is from her. My respect and admiration for women begins with her. And my embrace of humanity despite its rough edges is due to her. Growing up, I watched her work hard, get paid half what the men made, go to night school to become a CPA, and complete an art degree at university. And I remember when, in 1973, it was finally legal for her to get a credit card in her own name. Foley’s, the department store. For school clothes. For me.

And when I was nine years old, my mother sent me to summer camp in Wimberley. My first trip away from that crowded and unbearably hot city. How I fell in love with Wimberley, with the hills, with the kindness of Mr. Tingle, the old man who ran the camp. Rim Rock Ranch isn’t there any more, but it’s the richest part of my childhood memories, and the basis for my love of Hays County and its hills, rivers, and its people.

After high school, I played music in a band and travelled for a decade. Even after going to college and law school, I feel this period was an important education. Once I went through the schooling to become a lawyer, I began practicing in Hays and Travis counties. It wasn’t long before I realized that I loved Hays County and didn’t care too much for the traffic of Austin. So I put down roots here and limited my practice to criminal cases in Hays County. I followed my heart out to California for a few years, but was so relieved when I was able to come home.

Now I live in Wimberley with my family and two big dogs. We all love it here. We’re staying. Now, I only want the county I love to grow up and become what it can be, the most beautiful county in Texas.”

Mr. Higgins can be followed on Facebook at:

We were unable to find a campaign Twitter account for Mr. Higgins.

David Puryear, Republican Candidate for the Hays County Criminal District Attorney’s Office for 2023:

David Puryear, Photo VIA Facebook Campaign Page

Mr. Puryears’ official campaign page is here:

Mr. Puryear states the following, per his campaign page:

“David Puryear began his legal career in 1983 as a criminal prosecutor with the Travis County Attorney’s Office, rising to become head of the criminal trial division. He then served as first assistant to the elected county attorney for five years, managing the daily operations of an office of more than 155 employees. He also served as an interim Travis County justice of the peace in 1989. He was first elected to office in 1990 as judge of Travis County Court at Law No. 6, where he presided over some 25,000 cases across eight years. Following that, he was appointed as deputy director of the Special Crimes Division of the Office of the Attorney General by Attorney General John Cornyn, where he supervised a team of lawyers in the investigation and prosecution of large-scale felony crimes. In 2000, he was elected to the Third Court of Appeals, serving three terms, from 2001-2018, where he authored more than 2500 court opinions.

David Puryear’s Hays County roots run deep, with his family having been in the county since the late 1800s. A resident of Hays County and local leader, David is running for Hays County District Attorney to preserve and protect the safe community that drew his family to Central Texas and continues to attract people to this rapidly-growing county.”

Mr. Puryear can be followed on Facebook at:

Mr. Puryear can be followed on Twitter at:

Who are the candidates and what do they stand for? Who should you vote for? Which one will be best for Hays County? Well, all we can say is to follow their platforms and decide for yourself who you believe will be best suited for Hays County’s legal system.